Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mega Man Collides With The Dark Ages

I've seen quite a bit of fan-art in my time, but nothing quite as unique as this. Over at the CGHub forums, computer graphic artists are being tasked with re-imagining characters from the Mega Man universe with a Dark Age fantasy twist. The results are simply astounding, to say the least.

Can you figure out which characters these are? For the uninitiated, we've got Zero, a blacksmith Dr. Wily, the Bonne brothers (with Servbots), and one truly menacing Heat Man.

And that's just a small sampling of their efforts; you can find plenty more over at the competition's official topic here. Most art featured isn't final as the actual contests isn't over until August 9, so some pieces are probably subject to change. Nevertheless, it's all pretty amazing.

Credits: Capcom Unity, Michael and Anonymous


  1. The one on the far left is the best in the whole thread.

    This reminds me of Megaman Universe.

    And also makes me want to see an official redesign.

  2. Wow, that Prometheus and last Harpuia are looking great.
    Also the Vile looks like it's gonna be awesome.

  3. These are all just so awesome. I see myself coming back to this thread a lot.

  4. The Zero pic also has X and a very demented-looking Axl.


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