Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Minimalist Mega Man Designer Tee

For those into gaming apparel, specifically, Mega Man tees, then you'll dig this homemade minimalistic shirt by AshRB. The designer tee, on sale over at MySoti, touts a colorful display of Mega Man and co., with Robot Masters ranging from Cut Man to Drill Man...and Dr. Wily!

The tee is available in a number colors and sizes, so you can pick and choose options to your liking. It'll set you back around $20.00, but customization does add on to the base price plus standard shipping.

Quantities are limited so if you or someone you know would like one, now is the time to order!

Snag yours here. Thanks, Jim!


  1. $21 is a bit out of my range for something like that :\ Probably would for $15 - 18 though.

    I'm curious how fan T-shirts are able to sell outside of Capcom. I've got a few ideas that I want to do, but I'm scared of getting sued.. advice?

  2. "All the Robot Masters from the NES era of Mega Man - with Mega Man himself and his arch-nemesis Dr. Wily thrown in to boot."

    If you ignore Megaman 5 & 6, yes, this is a true statement.

  3. For some reason, I want to color Iceman orange........

    @Tcat, that's ridiculous, how in the hell can you get sued for buying, let alone WEARING a Megaman t-shirt


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