Friday, August 6, 2010

Servbot Bobble Budds Coming To Capcom Store

At this year's Comic-Con in San Diego, Capcom sold a limited amount of insanely adorable Servbot "Bobble Budds" figures, limited to 1000 units. If you missed out on picking one up then, you'll be happy to know that Capcom is gearing up to sell them in their own online store on August 12.

The bobble budds aren't your average bobble head -- the little guy's head acts as storage for the rest of the body. Snap the two pieces together and you got yourself a bobbling Servbot of your very own.

Capcom is currently taking pre-orders for figure, set to sell at $9.95 a pop. Quantities will be limited to around a 1000 500 units, so you may want to pre-order ASAP -- they're going to go fast!

EDIT: Scratch that note about a 1000 units -- they're down to 500! Thanks for the heads up, jgonzo!


  1. to clarify, there were 1000 made total. We sold about half at Comic Con, so we have less than 500 left!

  2. I'm gonna order 100 of them, so I can have my own army of Servbots!

  3. Ehhh, not worth 10 bucks plus shipping in my book.

  4. In 4 days they've sold about 250 total, these aren't going nearly as quick as the hype would have us believe....

  5. BTW, if these are already made, why are they only taking preorders for them?


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