Friday, August 27, 2010

Its USA Vs. Japan In: The Mega Man Olympics

Posted at Capcom Unity a couple days ago, here's a teaser trailer for the upcoming "Mega Man Olympics", a competition of... something set to take place between none other than Capcom Unity's community manager Jgonzo and Rockman Unity's Ucchy. The event took place at San Diego Comic Con last month and is just now being leaked onto the net.

(Do want those hats.)

Err... yeah. What do you make of all this? Something made just for the fun of it, or is there some kind of ulterior motive behind the insanity? I dunno; maybe it's the beginning of some sort of promo for Mega Man Universe, especially since Ucchi, the head honcho behind all the Mega Man Universe happenings in Japan, is involved. It's funny, not even Capcom Unity themselves knows what's going on!

Whatever the case, the "coming soon" at the end of the video promises more fun is to come. Can't wait!

Credit: Capcom Unity


  1. As you can see at 0:22 Jgonzo has perfect form and posture when it comes to the "jump" and Ucchy? ...Well...we wont comment on his sloppiness, clearly USA FTW!!!

  2. it just only me? Or do I sense disappointment and ignorance of what they're doing?

  3. Looks like they're competing in events such as rock paper scissors. Appropriate.


    ...yeah, sorry.

    Wao. They look like there having fun, which is good.

    This should be entertaining...

  5. Translation:

    Episode 1: Megaman Olympics

    A contest with pride on the line between Japan and USA

    Representing America: JGonzo
    Representing Japan: UCCHY

    A contest with pride on the line between Japan and USA

    All 8 totally ridiculous events

    Who will be

    the victor?

    Who cares?

    Now in production!!

    Coming soon

  6. What the hell did I just watch?

  7. ウッチさん頑張れ!僕はアメリカ人ですけど、ロックマンの生まれた所は日本だね!それで僕は日本はオリンピクをかちたいだ!


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