Friday, April 16, 2021

Making Mega Man: Code Legend Announced for North America

Well, here's some unexpected news. The officially-licensed software that teaches you how to design and code your very own Mega Man games is headed stateside, Artec Co. announced.

Re-titled as Making Mega Man: Code Legend for the North American market, the game (if you want to call it that) is bound to launch sometime later this year. Pre-orders will be going live via Kickstarter on April 27th at 11:00AM EDT. Much like its Japanese counterpart, crowdfunding will be used to measure how many units of Making Mega Man will be produced. It's NOT a traditional Kickstarter campaign. More details will be shared on developer Artec Co.'s official Twitter account in the coming days.


For the uninitated, Make Rockman was developed by Artec Co. in collaboration with Capcom in 2020. The software uses Artec's proprietary Artec Robo 2.0 technology and block-based visual programming language "Scratch" to teach aspiring video game designers how to make their own games. What's more, the included Artec Robo 2.0 acts as a programmable gyro controller. Users can rearrange different blocks to create their own motion-controlled Mega Man Buster, among other things.

If you want to learn more about Making Mega Man, check out our coverage from last year here and here.

We'll have more news on this front soon!


  1. Wow, definitely not something I would have imagined making it over here.

  2. Did'nt expect it, but i sure hoped for it.

  3. Anyone know how much these will cost?

  4. Why did they have to put the word "legend" in there? Somehow it's still too soon.

  5. Wow, very cool, I think I will be getting one!

  6. Fans: Can we have X9 please ?

    Capcom: Here's some funky toy, now go make more classic 8-bit megaman games that fans are already tired of.

    1. Eh, I've seen people clamoring for more games like 9 and 10.

  7. I'm not really interested in this kind of stuff but not gonna lie it looks really cute

  8. Is there any chance this will come out to Europe too?

  9. Any chance of a European release?


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