Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hitoshi Ariga Drawing Rockman and Co. Live

Rockman Megamix author and illustrator Hitoshi Ariga has opened up a Ustream channel where fans can tune in and watch the artist draw Rockman characters and the like live. He even takes requests! The stream is currently off-air as of this writing, but Ariga is known to pop-in every now and then to sketch some stuff. Check back often!

The stream also sports a chat feature, too, so you can even communicate with Ariga and other viewers. Considering both Ariga and a majority of the viewers are Japanese, it's probably a good idea to drop comments in their native language if you're looking for a reply. A computer based translator like Babel Fish or Google Translate should suffice, however. Check out the channel here!

Credit: Rockman Perfect Memories


  1. Aw man this is too awesome!!! I foresee myself missing out on the live streams every single time I check it out haha.

  2. that megaman's pose is just like X's pose in X3's box art

  3. @anonymous

    you mean the megaman x3 boxart? because the rockman x3 boxart is completely different

    theres nothing wrong with reusing poses. its not like its a really individual pose in the first place


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