Sunday, June 6, 2010

MMBN Official Complete Works Pre-Order On Amazon

Udon formally announced the U.S release of Mega Man Battle Network: Official Complete Works just last week, and now, it's up for pre-order on Amazon -- at a discount price!  The site is selling the 176 page book for $26.57, a 34% savings of $13.42. Further, it's even available for free shipping, no less.

Amazon's dated the book for a November 10 release...BUT, with Udon, you never know.

Pre-order your copy here!


  1. Gotta get me this.

  2. @Clown Prince: He has said positive things, albeit they are few and far between, and he's not a troll unless he puts up that same persona everywhere, since I've seen his posts on the X9 forums and they appear to be the same demeanor. Not saying anything he's said, especially in this blog post in particular towards Atilatias, is justified-- it isn't. But it's just the way he is, unfortunately.

    It strikes me as sorta strange this is already such a good bargain. I guess I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth. Still hoping to hear that it still contains the cell phone game artwork and concept art the Japanese version had... like I said once before, that'll make or break how excited I am for this. I would really like to see the Troymokubar/Trojan Horse official artwork up close.

  3. @kotipeltox (continued.. :P): whining about stuff and annoying people. No offense.

  4. Awesome, can't wait to get it.

  5. MaverickHunterAshJune 8, 2010 at 12:12 PM

    Clown Price of Crime:

    Both Matt Moylan of UDON and myself, a freelancer for UDON, have dropped multiple hints that something Star Force-related is coming in the future (though Battle Network would naturally come first, and it is). Now, what could that Star Force-related something be? :P


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