Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Rockman X DiVE Introduces Three Mysterious Characters, "DNA Code" System

There's a lot happening in the world of Rockman X DiVE this week. If the prospects of a Switch version weren't enough, there's a bunch of in-game content and features dropping, too.
iCO joins the playable roster and -- with the "Pulsing Force of Destruction" event stage closing out her storyline -- a new menace looms on the horizon!  Plus, the "DNA Code" system goes online alongside plenty of free pulls to celebrate the Japanese version's 1st anniversary.

Before you continue reading, be advised that this post contains SPOILERS!

From left to right: Virus A, Virus B, and Virus C.

After the player defeats ViA, RiCO returns to base to unlock iCO as the new Hunter Program. Three mysterious figures appear. They are seemingly the seeds of the next storyline on the road to the Rockman X DiVE's 2nd anniversary.

Although these three characters are nameless in the game, they are given names in the data: Virus A, Virus B and Virus C. They're likely to be placeholder names... but that's all we have to go on for now. 
Here's the discussion that took place between them:

Virus B: "……", 
Virus B: "……Even iCO had become a Hunter Program. I guess that makes us the only "pure ones" left." 
Virus A: "Hey, stop sounding so defeated. We still have got ViA, do we not?"
Virus C: "I wouldn't be so sure about him! Also, iCO mentioned something about "sisters" just now. Do you think she had noticed us?" 
Virus A: "It hardly matters. If worse come to worst…"
Virus A: "We will just eliminate everything." 
Virus C: "Yes~" 
Virus B: "Yes~"

Quite an interesting exchange, wouldn't you say? And the three silhouettes have interesting shapes, too. What do you make of it? Share your thoughts in the comments! 
Also, for anyone who doesn't play Rockman X DiVE but it is interested in reading the story, check out the video below!

Next we have the DNA Code System. It opens up a bunch of new opportunities and features to customize your favorite characters.

The system is quite deep, so we won't explain everything here. The big selling is, however, is that characters can acquire 3 new permanent skills called "fixed DNA". There's also a set of 5 random skills called "recombined DNA", and another set of 5 inherited skills transferred from another character's "recombined DNA".

For now, only a select pool of characters can access their respective fixed and recombined DNA. Additional characters will be added in the future.

Although the development team are providing us with a little bit of the new consumables required to use the DNA Code system, the main juice comes from character memories. I hope you have a good reserve of those for your favorite characters!

If you want to read all the details about how the system works, you can do so here! There's a full list of skills that can to be found here as well.

Finally, to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the Japanese version, the development team posted two banners with free pulls.

First we have the Anniversary Capsule for Japan Server capsule that allows players to pull 100 times with a guaranteed S rank weapon and two S rank characters. Then there's the Anniversary Celebration Lucky Capsule II with 150 free pulls with a single guaranteed S rank weapon and S rank character.

All the information about this week's content update can be found here.

And that's pretty much all there is for the next two weeks. Enjoy your time with the game and get ready for this year's Halloween event!


  1. Agile, Serges, and Violen have never looked weeeirder~

    1. Yeah, and two of them speak with feminine voice (because of the way text gets typed). They never were weirder, sure XD

    2. Which two speak with feminine voices? My prediction is that the one with the masculine voice ends up left all alone in the end...

    3. The one that looks like Sora, lol
      (The one that appeared the first in the event and the one that is called Virus B in the files)

      He says "boku" in the original script which means that he's a little kid. I feel like he's going to be left out too, actually. Mostly because of this fact.

  2. Virus A seems to be the best one out of the three when it has this imposing aura similar to the Gentle Judges and/or Sage Trinity. Virus C is giving me Neptunia vibes, and something akin to what the GunVolt series goes for.

    The only one that looks out of place is Virus B. It looks more biological than mechanical based on the silhouette alone.

  3. I don't know who A is but B is Sora and C is Hatsune Miku lol

    1. Nope. It's Rachael Alucard from BlazBlue lol

  4. The silhouette on the left and right remind me of the water and electric bosses from X-Over. Blu and Oro? Not sure about the one in the middle.

  5. Soo... given the status of the game in the US post-rollout, should we assume that this content is just gonna be a full year or more before it's out? Because even though a lot of character content appeared to be in at launch, most of it wasn't actually obtainable and seems to be slowly drip feeding out.

  6. Sigh I honestly dislike the direction Megaman X is headed. The attention to the main girls, cute teenage waifus being the face of Megaman X Dive makes me think they're targeting just typical weebs.

    Don't get me wrong, the pretty rockman girls were always there, Roll, Alia, Ciel, Prairie, Maylu, Luna Platz, etc... But they're always behind the main hero, the true determined chosen one, the one male fighter against evil (with an exception for ZX series). Hence the name "MegaMAN"... Plus they all have interesting storylines. Goals, motivations surrounding their purpose. Motivations like regret (Vent), power (X) or love (Zero). They all have something to risk and lose.

    These cover girls for MMXDive look like just that, cover girls. So that weebs will look at it and download it. I know it's the marketing tactic to reach a wider audience and profit more, I can respect that... But I don't like the thought of possibly leaving the true Megaman fans behind, as a secondary target.

    Honestly the more I think about it, the more I consider that maybe it's not directly a problem with these cover girls, maybe it's just a problem with Capcom overseeing Megaman right now. We all know how filled to the brim with microtransactions MMXDive is. It's all for profit, not as much care. Yes, we had Megaman 11 recently, which was pretty good. But that's about the only true new Megaman dedicated content we got in nearly a decade. The others were just mere collections. Remember how much stuff was released for Megaman in the late 90's to 2000's?

    1. I think the 'man' here literally means a person, and not just a male, since the term Rockman stays as it is to the female Chosen Ones (like Aile, Ashe and Atlas).
      Still, I don't really like DiVE either. It does some really weird stuff actually...


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