Monday, October 18, 2021

Review: Kotobukiya Mega Man X Fourth Armor Rising Fire Ver.

Kotobukiya is back at it again with their latest release in the Mega Man X line: Mega Man X Force Armor Rising Fire Ver. Is this kit just a recolor, or is there more to it? Find out after the break!

The first thing you will notice when you get this kit, aside from the absolutely stunning art, is how massive the box is. Seriously; it's as big as two normal-sized kits!

Now, there is a very good reason that the box is so enormous. This kit comes with the largest accessory in the entire line so far: the Plasma Shot!

The Plasma Shot was definitely the highlight of this kit. Building this effect was really unique with the different colored layers. An unexpected touch was the alternate tail piece it came with. It splits into four shots, showing how the shot is formed from the four barrels of X's Buster!

This kit also comes with interchangeable arms and hands. But this time, they are colored to match the Plasma Arm parts from Mega Man X4. In fact, I can almost guarantee that Kotobukiya chose to do Rising Fire because both the Plasma Arms and the armored Rising Fire have red hands. That being said, I have always preferred the look of the Plasma Arms, so this is a very welcome addition in my eyes. 
Speaking of eyes, this kit comes with the same faces as the Force Armor X kit... but this time, the smiling face has his eyes facing the opposite direction.

As for the figure itself, it's still fantastic. But the same issues with the Force Armor X kit are still here: some of the parts are very fragile, such as the ear fins and the stripes on the legs, and the ankles don't have the tightest fit. Just be careful and take your time while assembling, and your kit should come out just fine.

The best thing about this kit, really, is how many mix and match combinations it brings to the table.

The Kotobukiya Mega Man X Force Armor Rising Fire Ver. is available now at BigBadToyStore, along with pre-orders for upcoming kits like Second Armor X, as well as re-releases of all of the previously released kits. The line is going strong, so get them while you can! Be sure to check out the video below with even more photos of the kit in action.


  1. @ColeManX did you put some kind of sticker in the grey shoulder parts to fill in the Orb? What did you use?

    1. I used a fibe point paint pen. Didn't have red, but gold looks good

    2. Ah, ok.
      You know, there are websites dedicated to making sticker sheets for figures. Like Toyhax. I see customs and stuff for all sorts of things. They even have the embossed stuff.

      I was thinking it would be cool to make some custom decal sheets for the Koto series for this exact purpose! I wouldn't know where to begin. Maybe some creative soul will do that some day.

      One could make decals for the grey arm bar, for the unpainted orbs in embossed metallic red, for the grey on the shoulders at the base, and that's just this one. I wouldn't for the ears, though, those would look better painted.
      One could make one sheet to cover all the kits thus far, if one wanted.

    3. For $70 Kotobukiya should have just included stickers if they can't mold colors accurately.
      Lots of other model brands include stickers sheets at a fraction of this price-point.

      I prefer the paint pens myself for little adjustments, and actually used HVAC foil tape behind the clear parts on other Koto MMX kits.

    4. The reason these models are $70 is because Kotobukiya will not sell as many Mega Man models as Bandai will sell Gundam models... It's the way it is.

      Doing things yourself is part of the fun.

    5. "Doing things yourself is part of the fun."

      Old model kits didn't even snap together!

  2. So happy to have the Plasma Arms on the vanilla Fourth Armor kit! This was a really fun build, especially the Plasma Shot.

    1. It looks really good judging by your pictures. Wish the base armor kit included those arm parts if not the plasma shot itself.

    2. I do too, but at least painting is always an option. Plasma Arms on the Fourth Armor will always be the look to me.

    3. True, I hadn´t thought about painting mine. Definitely going to consider it now that I got a look at how it stands out in the figure.

  3. The plasma shot is a really nice addition to the figurine. I don't buy it because the normal version is sufficiant for me but it has his charm.


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