Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Rockman X DiVE Datamine Hints At Nintendo Switch Version

If you thought Rockman X DiVE's Steam port was a poorly kept secret, get a load of this.

Dataminers have dug into Rockman X DiVE's newest client and discovered a series of strings alluding to an unannounced Nintendo Switch port. Although the evidence carries heavy implications, it may be some time before things are officially confirmed. Have a look...

The following strings have not appeared in Rockman X DiVE's client before today:

      "w_KEY": "NS_AMIIBO_NO_USE",
      "w_CHT": "NS_AMIIBO_NO_USE",
      "w_JP": "NS_AMIIBO_NO_USE",
      "w_ENG": "NS_AMIIBO_NO_USE",
      "w_THA": "NS_AMIIBO_NO_USE"
      "w_KEY": "NS_RESOURCE_ONLY",
      "w_CHT": "NS_RESOURCE_ONLY",
      "w_JP": "NS_RESOURCE_ONLY",
      "w_ENG": "NS_RESOURCE_ONLY",

Remember: this is literally the *exact* same process that clued us in on the PC/Steam port months before it was officially announced. The odds of a Nintendo Switch version are looking pretty good at the moment.

That said, what exactly are we looking at here? For one, the strings directly reference Amiibo. But before you get too excited about potential Rockman X DiVE Amiibo (tantalizing, yes) note the phrases "NO_USE" and "NOT_SUPPORT" posted repeatedly. 

These particular strings probably tell Nintendo Switch hardware that the game doesn't support Amiibo. Bit of a bummer, sure. But the good news is Rockman X DiVE is more or less Switch bound.

As per usual, don't expect to hear anything official on this front for a good while. Datamine finds are typically weeks if not months out from being formally revealed. We'll keep an ear to the ground. You never know what the next client update will bring, too.


  1. I'm excited for this. I mean, don't get me wrong… I like playing X DiVE on my tablet, absolutely. However, if I could have it in my Nintendo Switch with the ability to actually assign a button to pause the game, I would be quite happy~

    What's nice is that they can't possibly cram the Switch version with mysterious excess data and bloatware. There's no way Nintendo would be down for that.
    (Feel free to quote me in a month or two when I'm wrong…)

  2. But will you able to play it offline though?

    There is really no point of Switch port if you still need to connect server for single player content which is why i think game like Genshin Impact on Switch is very stupid idea, you might as well play them on your phone like before.

  3. "Don't do that, don't give me hope." But in all seriousness, Mega Man X Dive is the best Mega Man game I've played in a long time and it would be a fine day if it came on a Nintendo system where Mega Man games belong.

  4. This isn't what I wanted when I said I wanted console/PC Mega Man games.

    1. what a monkey paw

      i mean at least CAPCOM isn't Konami-tier... yet.

    2. There is a brand new console game coming in late 2022.

    3. @Romy
      supposedly. I would not be surprised if it gets cancelled.
      I'm gonna laugh, too.

    4. Nah, it won't get cancelled, Protodude already said that it's impossible. Plus, it would be a waste of money for Capcom to cancel it due to the huge budget.

    5. Good, I hope these mobile ones keep getting canned. we don't need the nonsense. stick to making real MM games that continue the story on consoles and PC. It doesn't take a genius to see that they would do better making things like X9, ZX3, L3. At this point, most would be ecstatic to see those. I bet if they did and remained true to the story and game play, it would spike Capcom sales and popularity at that moment.

    6. This brand new console game probably isn't what we want and probably something completely different. AAA budget for a MM game makes me think it is not a main timeline game with correlating story and gameplay. Just it being console or PC is not enough. Odd how they worry about investing into a ZX or Legends even though low budget, but aren't scared to invest so much money into this new thing that probably won't be what we want. AAA means it will probably be 3D. If it was an AAA Legends 3 game or the beginning of a new series between ZX and Legends, I'm fine with that though. If they were smart, they would tell us what it is already vs leaving us to assume the worst.

    7. @Romy
      We shall see. Capcom has thrown money away on tons of projects. This one isn't special.

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. The posts will show...

      ...that when the cancellation was
      announced, frequent member
      @shrap... laughed.

      A laugh louder than any ever
      heard before... or since.

      A laugh that echoed in the
      halls of rockman-corner.com,
      lingering for what seemed like hours.

    10. @shrap

      Why don't you watch The Mandalorian and get positive, lol.

    11. @Austin Reed
      Drop it. Seriously.

  5. A single-player version of DiVE that can be played offline would be great. Just a way for it to not be lost to time.

    And Amiibo of these characters would be amazing. Guess we'll see

  6. Hopefully, like when many other mobile games get ported to Switch it includes all the content without pay to play elements, and just play like a complete game. That would be a dream come true!

  7. Just started playing the android version a few days ago and I hope progress is transferable somehow...

    Amiibo for all the characters in the game would be awesome, but I don't see Capcom doing this for X dive. If it was X9, maybe we could get X and/or Zero amiibo, as they did it with the Mega Man one in 11.

  8. I really want another mainstream or new Megaman X game or something but this would be a nice way to play MMX:Dive if the Switch edition makes it to the states.

  9. If the Switch port is Taiwan only it's going to really stink for those of us to jumped ship to Nebula Joy's servers...

  10. If it is true then I might go back to this game on Switch because Android's virtual buttons sucks. I will keep my eyes on it. Thanks.

  11. Any word on BN anniversary stuff yet?


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