Saturday, October 16, 2021

Unboxing First 4 Figures' Mega Man 11 Statue

Later this November, First 4 Figures' much-anticipated Mega Man 11 resin statue will be in the hands of collectors. And to keep appetites whet till then, F4F took to YouTube to share an official unboxing video.

The video proudly shows off the ins-and-outs of the Standard Edition, Exclusive Edition, and the Definitive Edition. The Exclusive and Definitive Editions include LED functionality for the base, explosions, boots, helmet, and the Mega Buster. The Definitive Edition also features a Met and a missile for the base.

If you like what you see but missed the pre-order window, you can still get on the waitlist. Hop to it here!


  1. Beautiful bu no thanks. For what ? Yeah, it is a lasting piece of work which will give years of value and pleasure which is not for me. Nah!

  2. I still say the neck is done poorly, it just looks off to me. it's a small part of an otherwise great looking statue, but for that price, it better be near perfect. when amiibo does a better job for a significantly lower price... sure, it's not as big, but it's not an eyesore to me

    1. This is everything I've seen from F4F in-person; something always "looks off to me" with their products. I no longer own any of their statues because they're always just a little bit weird/inaccurate in one area or another which would be obvious to a fan. It makes me think F4F is not a labor of love, but a hollow cash-grab, and their customer service is also trash.

      I also don't want polystone anything anymore because it's too heavy, brittle, expensive to ship, and doesn't capture detail (also isn't as durable or inexpensive) like PVC. People think polystone is "higher quality" because it's heavier, but it really just isn't superior in any way to PVC for art statues.

  3. It's a great concept for a Statue, but they've always struggled to get the sculpts right for Mega Man characters. Granted this one is much better than their previous outings but for this price, it would constantly bug me how it looks "off"


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