Friday, May 7, 2021

Mega Man Zero 4 Composer Shares New Demos and "Falling Down" Orchestral Arrangement

A few months back we reported that Shinichi Itakura uploaded a demo for Falling Down, one of many tracks he composed for Mega Man Zero 4.

Fast-forward to today, the man didn't stop. He's continued to share his Mega Man Zero 4 resume on YouTube, uploading his own, wholly original Falling Down cover, and in this last months a brand-new orchestral arrangement, a self-cover of  Deep Deep AND four more demo tracks from the game!

You can find the orchestral arrangement and the playlist for all the new tracks after the break!

You can find all the additional tracks by Itakura-san in this playlist. Don't forget to leave him some words of appreciation in his comments, too! He speaks English and certainly enjoys interacting with Mega Man fans!


  1. Glorious

    Now if Command Mission sounded like this it would have been a much better RPG lol

    1. Well I HEAVILY disagree with that. I'd go as far as to say if the soundtrack changed in Command Mission to becoming an orchestral soundtrack that is the epitome a generic RPG music genre it would have lost all its appeal to me. It wouldn't even be worth listening to imo.

      What we have now is superb tho and fits the scifi feel of the X series perfectly.

    2. Mark Havoc I HEAVILY disagree with that. I will never consider CM's soundtrack superb. The random battle music, the theme you spend the most time hearing, hurts my ears. But, to each their own.

    3. Nah yeah I gotta side with Mark on this one. Heavily.

    4. Agree to HEAVILY disagree then. I just hope my preference has more support than yours, so that some of the most brilliant, unique, well produced and fitting music doesn't get butchered by mediocrity and generic instrumentation/composition.

      I also thank heavens things are the way they are and I got to experience things as the artists intended and not based on consumers that have some of the MOST FANTASTIC WELL PRODUCED fitting battle music I've ever heard, hurts their ears.

    5. Mark, you're beginning to sound a little bit arrogant.

    6. Mark's just standing up for what's right.

      The X series knows when to use orchestration and classical stylings/instrumentation to its advantage. Hasn't missed a step in doing so, really. Command Mission's soundtrack is amazing and suitable, but it's not without a handful of forgettable pieces. Large OSTs are bound to have a few.

      CM needs a re-release or sequel though. Jus sayin'

  2. TIL you can grab onto that horn

  3. Damn, these tracks sound amazing without the compression.

  4. Now we just need Capcom to release Takashi Tateishi‘s lost Wily Stage music from MegaMan 2.


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