Monday, May 10, 2021

Hitoshi Ariga Reveals Scrapped Manga Project "Rockman Nanomix" (+English & Spanish Translation)

A few days ago, Hitoshi Ariga took to Twitter to reveal Rockman Nanomix -- a project that he was working on after the conclusion of Rockman Gigamix 10 years ago. Due to undisclosed reasons, unfortunately, the project was put on hold. However, Ariga was generous enough to turn the initial concept and rough pages into something that was readable for audiences.

As it happened with Rockman san and Rockman chan, the manga has been translated in Spanish thanks to Aldo Cáceres Vilca. You can find his translation here. An English translation is available as well thanks to our good friend Midori (who runs the Mega Man Tune-a-Day Twitter account).

You can read the manga in English and download it after the break!

Quite an interesting short story that hearkens back to Mega Man 9, right? It's reminiscent to the storyline about robot lifespan and Ariga's own short story from the Rockman 9 Arrange Soundtrack.

You can download the comic here and don't forget to let us know what you think in the comments!


  1. Blue Helmet CaspianMay 10, 2021 at 3:54 PM

    You know it's a great Mega Man story when it explores the darker themes and makes you cry for the robots. We built them, yet we're complicating their lives with things like operation ordinances. And for the record, Dust Man is so cute sitting in the truck like that.

  2. Quite an interesting read. Sure hope Ariga can one day finish Nanomix because it looks like an u=interesting story and I'm always down for more Megamix content.

  3. Great job! Always nice to see more of Ariga's work, especially in English.

    Question: Is the second clause of the new robot law (page15) correctly translated? From what I can tell, "非量産型" should be "non-mass production model(s)" instead. Rockman, Roll, Dustman and the First Numbers would have all to be exempt.

    1. oh, that's cause i effed up lol

    2. That's alright. I'm just glad you translated this for everyone to read.

      Thanks for the correction, Midori.

  4. I remember a while back Ariga did post some Mega Man 9 (and I think even mm10) mid boss sketches on Deviantart and was talking about working on another manga. Never heard of it again, but I'm guessing this was it, huh?

  5. Could not resist making a punMay 15, 2021 at 9:37 AM

    Oh scrap! A scrapped manga about scrapped stuff, and whose quality is not scrap!? I like it!

  6. Very cool! I'm glad we got more Mega Man work from Ariga even if it's incomplete.

  7. I would love it if he could have had a go at this manga. Who knows in the future.

  8. Can I request a translation of the "bonus page"?


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