Saturday, May 29, 2021

Ryo Takamisaki's New "Runaway Blues" One-Shot Manga Gets English Fan-Translation

One of the Rockman EXE Treasure Box's big exclusives isn't so exclusive anymore. "Runaway Blues", the brand-new one-shot by Ryo Takimashi, has been fully scanned and translated into English. Yay! Grab it here and give it a read!

In true Takimashi fashion, it's a lighthearted story with enough humor to make any EXE diehard smile. It's roughly 27-pages long. Short, sweet and a nice nod to the 20-year-old source material, "Runaway Blues" is a worthy addition to Takimashi

Bit of a bummer we won't see this stateside officially. Viz Media (to my knowledge) still hold the NT Warrior license... but they've been sitting on it for close to fifteen years. But hey, that's why we have fan translations! So a big thank you to Enbypigeono, Axl_Bullet, Digi148, Steph_o_Dell, nonbinarycriore and Bagpie.



  1. I'm not even a .EXE fan, but it was a joy to read through, really.
    Thanks for translating it!

  2. Only read the 1st issue of the Zero manga, WHICH I ENJOYED, however i probobly wont read this just because
    1. Still reading the zero manga and Dragon Ball Z (where goku goes super saiyan and frieza specifically)
    2. Not a battle network or starforce fans (they just dont appeal to me, aka looks boring)

    1. Edit my grammar is bad because i type too fast (GOTTA GO FAST, FASTER, FASTEST ETC.)

  3. First, thank you to everyone that worked on the scanlation.
    Second, please stick with one set of names. You can't call one Blues and the others Chaud, Lan, Mayl etc. It's disorienting and looks unprofessional since you're only calling one character his JPN name and the others the American names.

    1. Agreed. That put me off the first time I read the translation ^^;
      Other than that, it's nice.

  4. Im really glad they got to translate this! It was a fun read!


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