Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Celebrate "White Day" in Rockman X DiVE with New Content

A week after it launched, Rockman X DiVE has received its first set of new content in the form of two new costumes – one for Alia and one for Cinnamon (each treated as new characters) – a skin for Zero and a special event which re-purposes the Factory stage as the "Candy Factory". All the details after the break!

White Day is an Asian festivity that originated in Japan during 1978. Traditionally, Valentine's Day is the day where woman gift presents to men, often chocolate. White Day, meanwhile, is the day when men who received chocolate/gifts on Valentine's Day return the favor by giving a gift to that person.

This event is celebrated on March 14th but, as you may know, Rockman X DiVE launched in selected Asian countries on March 24th and later in Australia, India and New Zealand. They missed the mark by a few days, but it appears the development team have chosen to go ahead and celebrate the event a little late as opposed to re-purposing it into something else or waiting until next year.

Also, FYI, all of this content was originally intended for Valentine's Day... but due numerous delays development it was re-purposed as the White Day Event.

Without further delay, here is what you are going to find in the White Day Event:

White Day Alia

Heart Balloon:

Toss a balloon upward, which pops and deals 232.50% attack damage to targets within range. It also releases "Heart" sparks that inflict damage on contact.

  • Active Skill 1 - Power Increase: Increase Heart Balloon's actual damage multiplier rate by 10%. Character must be 1 Star Rank (s).
  • Active Skill 2 - Spraying Sparks: Increase the damage rate of Heart Spark by 10%. Character must be 1 Star Rank (s).
  • Active Skill 3 - Dual Spark: Has a chance to release the second Heart Spark when casting Heart Ballon. Character must be 4 Star Rank (s).

Flying Kiss:

Perform a flying kiss that inflicts 240.00% attack damage to targets on its path. The damage is 50% after the penetration.

  • Active Skill 1 - Heart to Heart: Increase damage by 40% after penetration. Character must be 2 Star Rank (s).
  • Active Skill 2 - On High: Reduce penetration time 20%. Character must be 5 Star Rank (s). 
  • Active Skill 3 - Power Increase: Increase damage rate by 10%, but renders the skill incapable of penetrating the target. Character must be 5 Star Rank (s).

White Day Cinnamon

Courtesy Chocolate:

Toss Courtesy Chocolate to inflict 193.50% attack damage to the target and apply DEF weakened state.

  • Active Skill 1 - Courteous Gratitude: Increases the damage rate of the Chocolate of Courtesy by 10%. Character must be 1 Star Rank (s).
  • Active Skill 2 - The Feeling of Love: Increases the damage rate of the Chocolate of Love by 10%. Character must be 1 Star Rank (s).
  • Active Skill 3 - Bull's Eye: When casting skills, gain CRID enhancement that increases CRID by 30.96%, can be stacked up to 3 stacks. Character must be 4 Star Rank (s).

Love Infusion:

Toss Chocolate of Love, which inflicts more damage than Courtesy Chocolate, and renders the target immobile. You gain CRIR by 80%, can be stacked up to 3 stacks.

  • Active Skill 1 - Determination: Extend the duration of CRIR by 25%. Character must be 2 Star Rank (s).
  • Active Skill 2 - Courageous: Increase the effect of CRIR by 20%. Character must be 2 Star Rank (s).
  • Active Skill 3 - Beating Heart: When casting the skill, restores own HP by 15% attack. Character must be 5 Star Rank (s).

Note: All the % in pink can be increased as you level up.

You can get both characters via the gacha system from 2020/3/31 16:00 to 2020/4/16 15:59 (UTC+8).

Re-taking Candy Factory

By playing the "Re-taking Candy Factory" event, you will be able to obtain the "White Day Zero" skin and many other rewards as you accumulate points. The more chocolate/candy you collect throughout the stage, the difficulty you chose and how well you play, will factor into how many points you acquire. These points can later be exchanged for rewards and the previously mentioned "White Day Zero" skin which costs 5000 points.

Below you can see all the rewards and the points needed to unlock them:

This event has some peculiarities. First you need "event AP" to be able to participate. You start with 15 AP and every time you play you consume 3 AP. When you run out of AP you have two choices: Pay 20 EM to gain 5 AP or wait 30 minutes to regenerate one point.

By playing with selected characters or weapons, you can get a boost to the damage you deal or the amount of points you get. There is a small selection of "common" characters/weapons you can use but the best boosts are obtained from using S ranks characters and weapons. Locally, you can use Alia to get +20% points/attack which is a good compromise for those that didn't have much luck with the gacha system.

Lastly, based on the points you acquire during the event, a ranking is assigned to you and you will be able to obtain even more rewards when the event is finished.

To be able to play this event you need to be a least level 22.  Re-taking Candy Factory last from 2020/3/31 16:00 to 2020/4/13 22:00 (UTC+8).

You can see a video of the stage below, but do know that I'm level 40 and the stage in its first difficulty requires only level 22. As you progress through its four different difficulties, it gets harder and harder. The last one is particularly challenging.


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  2. That's great, for people who can actually PLAY this. Content like this is iffy if it will ever get released globally or annually.

    The more this goes on the more convinced I am that a US version of this game isn't coming until 6 months from now. Just like Final Fantasy Record Keeper and other freemium gacha games.

    However, assuming it goes for a while, we are going to get to see some very interesting art. Perhaps we will finally get to see Copy X in his base form? X and Zero with no helmets? And some updated art representing X8's Neutral Armor in a more classic sense? That would be awesome. I'm digging the art so far.

    1. That's a good thing with this being a mobile game. we can expect lots of variations that just would'nt have hapened in a normal main serie game. (and also characters who would have never gotten the chance of being playable otherwise).

  3. That Zero is looking neat in that white coat.
    Also, the X2 intro stage boss looks so funny like this.

  4. Zero in a full body jacket is the shit. Nuff said.

  5. I don't even like Cinnamon that much, but I want that costume.
    Alas, my mobile device is not quite up-to-snuff to play this game.

    Maybe, if I win the lottery, I'll get the highest-of-high-end mobile devices and finally have my cat-girl nurse~

  6. I'm glad they released the content instead of dropping it.

  7. Flying kiss[...]The damage is 50% after the penetration.

    This read very awkward even in the context

  8. Hmm. I never thought there was such a thing as two Valentine days? In my country its a mutual gift giving romantice holiday.

    1. In your country and most countries that celebrates Valentines day, really.
      Though, to be fair, whoever imported Christmas to Japan made it a romantic Hollyday for couple, so classic Valentines day would have been redundant.

  9. I need to see X in a similar labcoat and i will be fully satisfied.

  10. i hope we'll see fanarts of theses outfits. (i've already seen a couple ones, but i expect more).

  11. The Alia costume made my day. ;)


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