Monday, March 23, 2020

Rockman X DiVE App is Now Available Download

The Rockman X DiVE app is already available to download via Google Play and the Apple Store in the nine selected countries that will be able to play starting tomorrow. And surprisingly enough,  western players that participated in the Closed Beta Trial can also download it! Learn how after the break!

If you played the Closed Beta Trial back in September 2019, access Google Play from your device, select "My apps & games", then select "library". Manually find Rockman X DiVE in the list and try to install it.

If this doesn't work, fear not; you can download and install it using third party game portals like APK Pure, QooApp or Tap. These portals are not available to download via the Google Play store; you will have to download them from their individual websites, install and then find the game in the app itself. Alternatively, you can use the links above if you are logged in with the same account on your device/their respective websites.

Downloading the app itself is only the first part of the equation. We still have to wait until the server goes online but, once it does, you can download all the game data and finally attempt to play.

Remember, the game is only officially available in the following countries for the time being:
  • Taiwan 
  • Hong Kong 
  • Macau 
  • Singapore 
  • Malaysia 
  • Philippines 
  • Indonesia 
  • Thailand 
  • Cambodia
There's a chance we may be able to play the game without any issue... but should the need arise, a VPN may be required. We will find out the circumstances when the server goes online at the following times:

  • Taiwan - March, 24th 12:00 pm
  • Europe - March, 24th 05:00 am
  • USA PDT, - March, 23th  9:00 pm
  • USA EDT - March, 24th 12:00 am
  • Japan - March, 24th 1:00 pm

Be aware that you need to have a social media account to be able to login and keep your game data safe for future sessions. It does, however, looks like they will offer a solution via SNS if you login as a guest.


  1. Wait, does it mean, we can't log in with a google account?

    1. Using Google Games a login method for something on Google Play? That makes too much sense. If Google+ still existed, would Google count as Social Media? I've heard that YouTube counts as Social Media.

  2. So I guess the "Connection Failed: Network error" is something to be expected early at this point, right? Did anyone manage to play?

  3. Replies
    1. Si estabas en la beta, borra el juego viejo y redescargalo, en mas o menos 3 horas vas a poder probar, suerte.

    2. pa que quieres saber eso compa jaja saludos

  4. It showed up in my library as Mega Man X Dive, but I was still able to download it.

  5. so to download from appstore well need an VPN or an APK? hope someone uploads the apks soon tho

  6. There's a 'Other' option, but we cannot play here from North America.

    1. Same here in Europe. I've seen that Australia and New-Zealand have been added to the country list though. Hope Europe and America will come soon enough.

  7. it's okay. Not great, but a fun little X mobile game. Controls are a little janky.

    I'd really prefer a $30 full on game rather than the free to play model

  8. Too bad that we still have to wait the american server release (i know that join the Asian server is an option but the progress will be lost if i change server).

  9. If the US version were live it would give me something to do. Assuming it works right.
    Still waiting on the Alia code, too.

    I can wait for the official launch. I thought I noticed a post that referred to this as the OBT (Open Beta Test)? I wonder if that's why it's not global. Maybe not. Whatever. I can wait a little longer to try it out.
    Saw that on their dev page here:

  10. I have the Alia code but I wonder if it will work on the US version

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  13. And amazingly its still not available in the US. Way to go crapcom


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