Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Mega Man Battle Network and Star Force Series Veteran Shinsuke Kodama Departs Capcom

It's time to say farewell and good luck to a veteran Mega Man staff member. Shinsuke Kodama, perhaps best known to us as the planner and scenario writer for Mega Man Battle Network 6 and the Star Force series, is departing from Capcom Japan.

Kodama shared the news on his personal Twitter account earlier today. He writes, "It’s a personal matter, but I left Capcom at the end of February to pursue a new challenge." Kodama also said that he will continue to support the Ace Attorney series from the outside, a franchise that he's been greatly involved with since 2012.

Kodama didn't say exactly where he's headed to next. Nevertheless, we at Rockman Corner wish him well! And speaking personally, thank you, sir, for the greatness that was Mega Man Star Force 3. Best story and scenario from that series, bar none.


  1. Did he do more Battle Network than 6?

    1. No, 6 was the only one he was involved with, but he joined Capcom a year before, so it makes sense.

    2. Eh, okay. I care not much for Starforce, so his departure is pretty neutral for me.

    3. ^I'm more of a battle Network fan myself gameplay-wise, but in my opinions as far as plot goes, Star force was more thought out (which makes senses, since Battle Network was aimed at younger audience, and thus could stick with "Kid Hero battle the bad guys" plot.)

  2. As if Star Force's future wasn't grim enough...

    Thanks for coming up wiht a great world and characters.

  3. Thanks for the Hard work, and good luck on future projects.


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