Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Rockman Zero & ZX Double Hero Collection Debuts at #6 in Weekly Famitsu Sales (Update)

Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection - known as Rockman Zero & ZX Double Hero Collection in Japan - is off to a sluggish start in its home country. For the week between February 24th and March 1st, Famitsu reports that the Nintendo Switch version of the game debuted at #6 with roughly 11,610 units sold. The PlayStation 4 version did not chart in the top 10. UPDATE: Additional Famitsu data has been published; the PS4 version charted at #11 with 7,235 units. Combined physical sales of Switch and PS4 are now18,845 units.

You can see where Zero & ZX falls in first week sales compared to previous releases after the break.

Here is a chart we created showing the first week Japanese sales numbers for recently released titles in the series:

When compared to the first week sales of X Anniversary Collection, Zero & ZX Double Hero Collection isn't doing *that* bad. Still, it's not exactly on the high end either. And if history holds true, there's little doubt that the game will climb any higher; it will only slip further in Japan.

However, first week sales are by no means a metric to measure a game's overall performance. All of the titles pictured in our chart have gone on to become million sellers. Mega Man 11 at 1.1 million, Mega Man Legacy Collection 1+2 at 1.4 million and Mega Man Legacy Collection 1+2 at a solid 2 million.

Personally, I do not believe Zero & ZX will ship a million or more units. In their prime, the four Mega Man Zero games and ZX and ZX Advent sold between 20,000 to a little over 200,000 units, respectively. Here is the cumulative Famitsu data sales for each (via Famitsu Archive):

What's more, there's the notion that the Zero & ZX series titles are the "hardest" games in franchise. This perception can potential deter general audiences/non-fans from picking the collection up. But, hey, we shall see. Zero & ZX will likely have some long legs thanks to inevitable digital sales.

Of course, it's also very important to understand that not every game has to sell a million or more units to be considered a "success". Based on past game sales data, Capcom have undoubtedly set very realistic expectations for Zero & ZX. And if it hits that, at least... that is a success.

Whatever happens, the future of Mega Man remains bright.


[PS4] Rockman X Anniversary Collection 1+2 – 26.571 / NEW <80-100>

[NSW] Rockman X Anniversary Collection 1+2 – 15.200 / NEW <60-80>

[NSW] Rockman X Anniversary Collection – 3.910 / NEW <40-60>

[NSW] Rockman X Anniversary Collection 2 – 3.472 / NEW <40-60>

[PS4] Rockman X Anniversary Collection – 3.429 / NEW <40-60>

[PS4] Rockman X Anniversary Collection 2 – 2.411 / NEW <40-60>
[NSW] Rockman 11 # – 15.218 / NEW <20-40>

[PS4] Rockman 11 # – 13.082 / NEW <20-40>
[PS4] Rockman Classics Collection 2 9,370 units
[3DS] Rockman Classics Collection - 22.955 / NEW <40-60>
[NSW] Rockman Classics Collection 1+2 (Capcom) {2018.05.24} – 8,100 / NEW
[NSW] Rockman Zero & ZX Double Hero Collection - 11.610 / NEW


  1. I definitely plan to pick up the collection on PC...once I don't have to worry about the crashing issues plaguing the PC version. :(

    1. I have it on PC, hasn't crashed for me yet, and I've been running it while watching youtube and chatting on discord on my laptop. I get some slowdown here and there, but no crashes so far.

    2. I've 100 percented the entire Zero series and have yet to run into any crashes as well.
      That said, there are enough reports of people having issues to be cautious.

    3. I've seen numerous reports of people having their PC version game of the game crash (but only the PC version), some to the point of being straight-up unplayable. Not something I want to chance.

    4. The game crashed only once for me when I first ran it. Switching to full screen via the in-game menu caused the crash, but alt+enter worked fine. 30 hours in and that's the only crash I've had so far.

    5. same here, Duo. It only showed once then when I tried again, it never popped up again. I pre-ordered on steam last June.

  2. Does Famitsu take preorders into account? As far as i know peoples who bought the previouse collection could have preordered theses one if they knew from the start that they would get it. That's what i did.

  3. "I do not believe Zero/ZX will ship a million or more units. In their prime, the four Mega Man Zero games and ZX and ZX Advent sold between 20,000 to a little over 200,000 units, respectively"
    True, but the Zero games came out at a time where Mega Man in general was'nt breaking records (the X games that came out in the 2000's fared similarly If i recall correctly) with the exception of Battle Network that was doing very well (and theses reached a different demographic, notably thanks to the anime).

    If this collection benefits from the traction gained by X collection, it can sell well (maybe not a million, as it took the cummuled sales of X collection 1 & 2 to reach that, but a few hundred thousands is'nt out of the question).

  4. People are whack. Oh well, got 8 great games out of inti for Mega Man and Zero, Japan could continue to support the same old generic jrpgs (not FF7 that game is sick) all day for all I care I got enough 2d action/&rpg games out of this series to last a life time.

    I picked this up quick btw, WAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more of a value than that lame Mana collection (Mana is great btw don't get me wrong, that collection is bare bones and weak is all I'm sayin).

  5. I trust that this collection will reach the million sales eventually. There just have to spread it in several places and more people will buy the collection.

  6. Well, it is not going to sell well if they do not print anymore copies. Seriously, I cannot find the game at all except for Amazon sellers who do not ship to Canada. Did not have this problem with the other collections.

    1. There are more sources to buy the game from here, and even a search sorter on the left side of the page (could find more outside the google shopping, I'm sure, nevermind physical stores, or you can buy it on steam like I did):

    2. Same problem here. Looking for US version but its nowhere to find in regular price and with shipping to Europe.

  7. I have to wonder what digital sales are like, and PC sales. I got it on PC, because I like having all my mega man games in once place.

    I have almost all the inti creates games on PC now aside from gal gun. they just need to port GV2 to PC now.

  8. Where we can see the digital sales? If I'm right, this it's where most games has the best performance and I highly doubt any Megaman game today can achieve 1M without the digital.

  9. It is just the first week. People sometimes seem to look at that then jump to conclusions too quickly. I notice the same behavior with movies and box office. 1 week is nothing.

  10. Thank you for your Guy’s hard work, proto dude. Really
    Enjoyed the breakdown. Just picked up my physical copy, today, for my small switch game collection I have.

  11. I picked up a physical copy for Xbox One, awesome collection. But it's weird, I see ps4 and xb1 copies at most stores but the Switch version seems sold out everywhere and it sucks, scalpers are out of control just look on ebay.

  12. How many copies has it sold now in June?????


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