Saturday, March 7, 2020

Rockman X DiVE News Roundup - Alia/Pallette Skill Trailers, New Pre-Reg Reward and an Apology

After an intense week filled with tons of cool stuff, we're capping it off by catching-up with the latest Rockman X DiVE news that we didn't have time to report. Read all about it after the break!

First, Alia and Pallette Skill trailers:

[Melt Creeper]
Set flames forward, and targets that touched flames will get damage.

[Green Spinner]
Explodes after hitting the target, inflicting damage to targets within range.

[Black Arrow]
Shoot a Black Arrow that inflicts damage to the target, weaken the target's attack.

[Ion Gun]
Shoot an electric net forward, inflict damage to targets within range and rendering them immobile.

After reaching 300,000 pre-registrations on February 23rd, the Rockman X DiVE development team added another reward tier for the "Extraordinary Mortar" weapon. It will be unlocked after reaching 500,000 pre-registrations. At the time of writing this article, the counter sits at 467,107 pre-registrations. However, it has slowed down significantly after passing 400K.

If you didn't register yet, you can do so here. Be advised that we really don't know if this reward campaign is going to apply worldwide or only for the selected countries that will be eligible to play the game first when it launches. I'm inclined to think it's the latter; remember, pre-registration is linked to pre-download and you can only pre-download the game in some countries, despite the fact you can submit your e-mail without any issue regardless of your region.

For those who played the Closed Beta Trial, you may remember the Extraordinary Mortar. Back then, it had another name, the "Virus Launcher." I'm sure you can agree with me this is not the the most opportune time for something like that.

On March 4th, the development team posted the following message on Facebook, apologizing for the continued wait for the game's launch while reassuring us it's entering the final stages of optimization
"Thanks for all your supports!

The game is now in its final stage of optimization.

We will put great efforts to bring you the best experience.

And would announce the date for releasing in the near future.
We really appreciate for your patience.
Thank you."
March 4th... does that ring a bell? That was the original date that appeared on the Apple Store which later was changed to March 31st.

We don't know if that was the real launch date or a placeholder, the same way we don't know if March 31st is a placeholder, too. The development team never said anything beyond Q1 2020. We can only speculate why they felt the need to communicate this message on March, 4th, though.

And that's all for now! Pending an official announcement, the game will be launching this March. Remember to keep your expectations in check and, barring any last minute change, the game will be launching FIRST in the following countries:

  • Taiwan
  • Hong Kong
  • Macau
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand
  • Cambodia 

We will keep you posted as soon as the development team communicates a solid release date. Stay tuned!


  1. I would insta-buy this if it released on Switch. On mobile it is little more than a curiosity to read about.

  2. I had figured that it would'nt launch on March 4. they would have said a word of confirmation about it.
    For the time being, i'll assume that March 31 is a estimation that they put here as a placeholder until they can give a confirmed date.
    Wathever the case, i'm personally fine with them delaying if this mean getting a polished product. Rarely anything good ever came out of rushing.


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