Thursday, February 6, 2020

Rockman X Dive Official Website and Pre-Registrations Open

Just a few hours after we reported about the possible launch date and open beta trial for Rockman X DiVE, we have more news to share! Don't waste any time and check out all the info after the break!

A proper official website for the game has launched. There, you can check the latest news, view the character section with basic bios and the unique skills of each, learn about the different systems and modes the game has in the System section and download some wallpapers/audio files including the main theme of the game in the Special section. It's worth noting that, in the System section, we have our first look at the "DiVE Trigger" skill that was not available in the CBT. 

As for the characters introduced at the website, there is nothing new to see if you've been following the datamines and news regularly. Nevertheless, the characters are as follows:

  • X
  • Zero
  • Alia
  • Axl
  • Vile
  • Marino
  • Pallette
  • Black Zero
  • Massimo
  • Ferham
  • Cinnamon
  • First Armor X

Pre-registration started today as well. By doing so, you will receive a serial number to unlock Alia after the game launches. Pre-registration is open until the day before the launch, which we are not 100% sure when that's happening, but it's likely March 4th. Despite all the information released today, there is still some uncertainty when the game will launch or when the open beta begins. We will keep you informed as soon as the development team clarifies on the matter!

Now, depending on how many people pre-register, we will be able to unlock metals and three weapons. Be sure to pre-register at this link. Furthermore, by inviting your friends to pre-register via Facebook you will enter in a raffle to win different prices, check the official website for more details.

The game is also available to pre-download in the following regions:

  • Taiwan
  • Hong Kong 
  • Macau
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia 
  • Philippines 
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand
  • Cambodia

As you can see, North America and Europe are not included. On Facebook, the dev team said this: "other places will soon be opened in the future".

We will have to wait a little longer but, in the meantime, don't forget to pre-register. Also, if you are an Android user that participated in the CBT in September of 2019, be aware you will have to delete your rights as tester to be able to pre-download by going here. NOTE, the link may not be active until the game is available to pre-download in your country, assuming you want to use the same e-mail that you used for the CBT. If you prefer to use a different e-mail, you don't have to do anything.

That's all for now. They are having some problems with registration and deleting the tester rights. If you encounter those issues, be patient. Everything should be sorted out soon!


  1. I participated in the CBT and clicked the link to delete my rights as a tester, but it gave me an error saying "App not available: A testing version of this app hasn't been published yet or isn't available for this account." That's definitely the account I used for it, so idk why it didn't work for me. How do you know if your account is messed up by this?

    1. Go to your apps in the Google play store on an android device and long press the entry.

  2. Capcom Taiwan issued a correction about regional availability. This is the correct list: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia.

  3. Wait... Why do CBT users have to delete their rights? I thought we were gonna get a bonus if we logged in as a CBT player?

  4. Good to have included a wallpaper section in the site. i was wondering where to get cleaned version of that Pic.
    Hope they'll keep regularly putting out news pictures.

  5. I'm confused:
    Do we have to post to Facebook to unlock Alia?
    I won't Facebook. So out of luck on that :(
    If it's just download when available and give e-mail that's easy.

  6. Sorry, can you pre-register even if you aren't in one of those regions? I'm Canadian.

    1. Yes you can. Pre-register is nothing but you submitting your e-mail to get Alia and contribute to the unlock goals.

    2. Oh that's good. So long as we don't need facebook :)

  7. After attempting to read the very poor Engrish on the site, I hope Capcom USA is given a chance to do the porting... And not just Capcom Taiwan releasing it in bad English, referring to Cinnamon as "It" and so on...

    1. Or maybe, if that's the easiet to do logistically, just having Capcom Taiwan hire a native english Speaker translator to do it. It's always easier to make a good translation from a learned language to your own than the reverse.

  8. I just wish this game wasn't a mobile game, I really want to play this game but outside of my computer I have no means to play. I'd really love if they put out a Switch version when the game comes out of Beta. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for this.

  9. I'm sorry, but damn Alia is bangin in that pic. Sexy robot power.

  10. Neat! Now let's make the news circulate. talk about it on twitter, invite peoples who might be interested. Let us not just keep it within the already established fanbase if we want it to be a success.

  11. Do we know if the pre-registration is for global players or not?
    Or will it not work for US players? I know the download isn't live yet, but that is supposedly coming soon?

  12. I'd like to second the question on what the deal is with the previous CBT registrations supposedly getting us some bonus, and now hearing we have to delete our existing registration to get Alia. Is there no way to get both whatever the reward is for having been a CBT AND pre-reg bonus of Alia? Do we know what the CBT bonus is to be?

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