Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Ciel Voice Actress Celebrates Zero/ZX Legacy Collection with "Freesia" Cover

While most of us in the West are already playing and enjoying Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection, the game launches on the 27th for our readers in Japan. And to celebrate it's impending domestic release, Ciel's Japanese voice actress, Rie Tanaka, announced on Twitter that she posted a new video on YouTube singing "Freesia" from Rockman Zero 4.

Read on for the video and more details!

The vocal track of Freesia itself was originally used at the end of Rockman Zero 4; however, in the original English release, it was replaced with an instrumental version titled "Promise -Next New World-". The song was then reinstated for the 2010 Mega Man Zero Collection release as well as included in the Remastered Tracks Rockman Zero Physis soundtrack. 

This new version uploaded by Rie Tanaka herself is very similar to the version included in the Physis release only it sounds a little clearer than the original.

Freesia was composed by Luna Umegaki with lyrics by Ippo Yamada and Yu Mizuki. You can check out the track notes from the Physis album's booklet in our recent translation article here.

The song itself is Ciel singing about her feelings towards Zero and while the track itself is in Japanese here are the lyrics translated in English. 

This love for you is overflowing in my heart
There's no such thing as eternity
So I want you to stay with me for now

I search, but can't find the words to tell you
The days of chasing you pass meaninglessly

Will the future change if I find the courage?
If it's not the days I dreamed of, I'd rather have this...

I can still feel your warmth on my fingertips
I wrap it up in my palm
What is this flickering love in my heart? 

Throw off your chains and smile
Where will your heart go now that it is free?
Tell me

I know your tender gaze 
Isn't just for me
But my heart is racing...

Now my heart realizes this love for you
There's no such thing as eternity
So I want you to stay with me a while

The me reflected in your eyes
I wish I could tell you everything now
Now I look up at the sky and reach out
So this love will reach you

I can still feel your warmth on my fingertips
I wrap it up in my palm
This flickering love

This love for you is always overflowing in my heart
There's no such thing as eternity
So I want you to stay with me
A while
For now...

Thank you to Rie Tanaka for celebrating the release of the game with the fans!

Have you picked up your copy of the Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection yet? Are you enjoying it so far? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


  1. Thank You Rie Tanaka !
    Great to see thoses who worked on Mega Man Zero coming back to it for this collection's release, like with the new art from Nakayama.

  2. Wait, we're getting the game two days ahead of Japan? Is there a particular reason for that?

  3. But he's a robot...and she's a human...

    1. Love knows no boundaries, my friend.

    2. He's also 200-300 years old and she's a minor, more or less.

    3. always joked about that in my YT lets plays

  4. Nice to see Ciel paying tribute to the game!

  5. I remember back in the days, i played Mega Man Zero 4 and heard "Promise -Next New World-", and thought "This does'nt seems right. there have to be a version with lyrics!" and spent a couple of days looking for it (i was'nt familiar enough with Video Game culture and translation process to guess that i just had to look for "Mega Man Zero 4 Japanese ending", i was overjoyed when i finaly found it.

  6. Man. Zero gets all the ladies~ I wouldn't be surprised if Neige or Leviathan had a thing for him. Heh heh.

  7. I'm glad that the Legacy Collection kept the DS Collection's reinsertion of the vocal version of this theme into the english version of Z4's credits.


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