Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection – 30-Minutes of Gameplay From Every Game

Our buddy Ash Paulsen of GameXPlain had the chance to play Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection a few weeks ahead of its February 25th release. You can check out his early impressions of all six games in the video above!

Be advised, the 30-minute video does not include footage of Z-Chaser Mode, the artwork gallery, music player, or mini-games. You'll have to wait just a bit longer there!


  1. My little cousin started brgging that the X games start feeling too easy now that he have replayed them a couple of times. I'm sure he will be happy to meet Pheonix Magnion.

  2. I used to seriousely wonder what was up with the ZX world where you go from a forest to ancient ruins to a amusement park by going through a door. until i read ZXA tunes booklet tranlation recently posted on this site where Ippo Yamada confirms that there's actually a lot of space from one Area to another and the game just skip the "travel" part. When you learn it, it makes sense, but strangely enough, it never really crossed my mind before.

  3. I would love a legend collection since i never got to play Mega Man legend, but i think it would be trickier to do than with the platformer games.
    Because Polygon aged a lot. Fans who grew up with the serie (or with the 5th generation of console) and does'nt mind the old-school feel would love it, but newer audiences might be turned-off by it. that's why when a n64 or ps1 game is broughtt to a modern console it's generally a remake (like the zelda games on 3ds) rather than a simple rerelease (except in product specifically targeted to old-school fans like mini-consoles). And having to remake the games would rather than complie them would be a entirely different thing and cost more, making it more risky for Capcom to try.
    Of course, i might be wrong. And it would be awesome if they made a Legend Collection and it sold well.

  4. Just to make sure about a couple of things regarding the various collections and Mega Man 11, please correct me where i'm wrong:
    -It is possible to select the language in MMX collection, and it will change the collections main menus in the chosen language (let's say Spanish), but not the games individual menus or the in-game text, which remain in english.

    -Megaman 11 has been fully translated and if i put the game on Spanish, the text will be on Spanish (but not the voices of course).

    -It's either Japanese text and voices, or english text and voices, i can't select the japanese voices with english text.

    And aside from that, does the Japanese versions of theses include the option to switch to other languages as well or are they stuck on Japanese? or Japanese and english?

    See i was planning to buy them for my little brothers, but they can't read english so it would be a pain for them to understand what's going on (which would'nt be a problem for classic, but will get increasingly troublesome for the rest).

    1. It's kind of a mixed bag, but hope this answers your questions:
      1. In MMXLC you can change the collection main menu into different languages (which includes spanish). Now for the games themselves you can toggle between the American and Japanese version (which means only everything in english or everything in jap) on Mega X1-x6, but for x7 and x8 they have the American, Jap and Europe versions (which include spanish subs with english voices).

      2. Megaman 11 lets you put the game on spanish text, and the voices you can choose between english and jap

      3. Not sure if you are asking for MM11, but if that so, you can mix jap voices with spanish/english text and viceversa.

      4. The Japanese versions of all the collections so far have the same language options as the american. The only remarkable dif between the jap and american versions is that the japanese have the original opening and ending songs for MMX4-8 and MM8 for the classic collection.

      I do own the japanese versions of the collections, so if you have any other questions feel free to ask (I also speak spanish :p)

    2. This answered all of my questions perfectly. Thank you very much.

    3. I join my thanks to those of anon1, i was wondering about some of the sames things. guess i'll get the Japanese versoins, then. I want that physical switch copy of MMLC 2.

    4. Too bad Capcom EU did'nt take the opportunity to translate all of the previousely untranslated games, this would have been a good opportunity. Guess they don't think there's enough pontential in there to justify the translation work. (or simply did'nt think about it).
      Though it's already pretty good to have the oportunity to experience all theses games at once.


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