Thursday, February 20, 2020

Zero Joins Teppen As the New "Purple Hero"

Another Mega Man X character has finally joined the Teppen roster: Zero! Find all the info after the break!

Via the game's official website...

Zero will join Morrigan and Dante as the new "Purple Hero" bringing with him a new ability called "Memory". The Official Site describes this new ability as follows:
Card abilities will change if the number of Action Cards used in that battle are equal to or greater than the determined number!

Zero's Hero Arts are as follows.

  • #01 Fight Against Inner Demons
Add a "Maverick" or "Maverick Hunter" randomly to the EX Pocket. 

Maverick: Destroys a random enemy unit with an MP cost of 6 or less.

Maverick Hunter: Gives a friendly unit +2/+4.

  • #02 Rakuhouha

Deals 4 damage split among enemy units. 
Deals 7 damage split among enemy units instead.    <Memory>: 4
Deals 12 damage split among enemy units instead.  <Memory>: 10 

  • #03 Tenkuuha
Gives a friendly unit +2 Attack (effective for 1 attack) and <Combo> (effective for 1 attack.)

As usual when a new hero is introduced, there's a new card pack to go along with it. This time the card pack is called "Haunted by Memories" which depicts characters who strive to move toward the future while hiding their past memories.

So far only two Mega Man X-themed cards from this pack have been shown:

Maverick's Memories

No. HBM 076
Type: Action
Rarity: Legendary
MP: 2

Destroys a friendly unit and negates an Action Card with an MP cost of 5 or less.
<Memory>: 10
Negates an Action Card without destroying a friendly unit instead.

Rebel's Memories

No. HBM 101
Type: Action
Rarity: Legendary
MP: 6

Destroys a random enemy unit.
<Memory>: 7
Destroys all units instead.

Zero and the card pack "Hunted by Memories" will be released on March 2nd/3rd. Bellow you can see some new artwork from the card pack:


  1. "what am I fighting FOOOR?"

    they made it less funny though... they should have used the X4 voice clip

    1. It was never funny to me. I always cry buckets when I watch that scene. Some people ... I declare.

    2. Hellz nahhhhhhhh! That was annoying lol

  2. If they didn't turn X into a woman surely they did that to Zero. People must agree on that, and I am beginning to think it's intentional after the whole Seth "my pronouns are them, they're and their" Street Fighter thing.

    1. Nah, Teppen X looks more androgynous than Teppen Zero. Also, as far as i know there's no overlap between the people making this game and the one making Street Fighter, so that likely does'nt have anything to do with it.

  3. Replies
    1. I dunno, thoses sigma are looking awesome.

    2. Most of the art is good, but that "rat face Zero" is really bad. And the "ball joint 'beer belly' Zero with thin arms", which probably will appear more often from now on to match with X...

    3. Agreed. I just hate the way they portray every one else normally but X gets turned into some abomination. That's why I refuse to play.

    4. Yeah I have no idea why they decided X to design uh... whatever that thing they call a torso is.

  4. Wait, why Gate is in the expansion?

    1. Why not? Like the main four shown in the video (and Red), he started good and had bitter memories that resulted in a nightmare...


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