Friday, December 20, 2019

"OK K.O.!" Creators Almost Pitched a Mega Man Crossover

From Captain Planet to Sonic the Hedgehog, Cartoon Network's wonderfully quirky O.K! Let's Be Heroes is no stranger to pop-culture crossovers. Had the show gone on longer we may have seen even more dream team-ups. One idea that was nearly pitched a few years ago, in fact, featured the show's titular K.O. meeting Mega Man himself!

Executive producer Toby Jones took to Twitter to show fans a simple, but entertaining animatic that was intended to be shown to prospective companies and creators who might be interested in crossing their properties over with OK K.O.! It was never finished nor actually used for its intended purpose. However, what is here is super interesting:

The general rule of thumb was "two crossovers" per season. So had the show lasted longer, we could have very well seen a "Let's Meet Mega Man" episode. Oh, what could have been!

Thanks for the tip, Tekki!


  1. T_T I miss that damn show. It never shoulda been forced to end early. Friggin sad all over again

  2. Oh I am so pissed now. I was bummed out when I heard it was cancelled, but now... Oh my god, I feel totally livid

  3. Surprised they didn’t get Space Ghost as Cartoon Network owns him too.

  4. I'm really glad that this didn't happen.

    1. And why is that?

    2. I find it hilarious that you still haven't answered Blue Donut's question yet. It's pretty obvious that you just dislike Japanese video game characters put into animations developed in North America.


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