Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Rockman X DiVE to Be Released in Q1 2020

Capcom Taiwan's words, not ours

After a little bit of uncertainty with the release date of Rockman X DiVE, Capcom Taiwan finally communicated via their social medial channels that Rockman X DiVE will not be released this year. If you remember, the announcement trailer stated a 2019 release and in a recent financial report Capcom Japan also stated a 2019 release. Last week we discovered that the game was slated for Winter 2019 as opposed to just 2019, and now Capcom Taiwan have confirmed a Q1 2020 release date.

The information we have here at Rockman Corner makes us believe that the development team is aiming to have the game released on or around February 14th, 2020. Game development is an ever-changing creature and things can change quickly, but do know that the development team is working hard to meet that time frame.

We will keep you informed.


  1. I'm glad they finally said something. If they need to take their time in order to put out a better game, so be it. I'm looking forward to playing it whenever it's ready!

  2. Good news. And i will have my new phone by then, too. so i will actually be able to play it right when it release.

  3. Okay then. If you have a contact with them, please tell them it's fine, and that we will be looking forward to playing X DiVE in 2020. C:



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