Monday, December 23, 2019

A Sneak Peek at the Rockman Live 2020 Concerts

We are two weeks away from the first Rockman Live 2020 concert, which will take place on January 4th at the Shinagawa Intercity Hall in Tokyo. While most of us won't have the chance to witness the concerts in person, and with the uncertainty of a CD/DVD release, we will be left in the dark for the most part. However, thanks to the Brass Girls Band MOS, we can take a sneak peek at them rehearsing one of the songs that will be played at the concerts: Dr.Wily Stage 1 from Mega Man 2. 

In related news, we are sadly to report that the drummer Yu "masshoi" Yamauchi passed away on December 4, 2019 and has been replaced by Louis (Tokyo concerts) and Genta Shirakawa (Osaka concerts).

You can check the complete concerts set list here and other related news in the Rockman Live 2020 tag.

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