Saturday, December 28, 2019

Bid Farewell to the Holidays with "Mega Man's Christmas Carol 3"

The holidays are winding down, but how about one final gift to cap it off? Seven years since the last entry, ACE Spark and Sprites Inc. have graced us with "Mega Man's Christmas Carol 3", the third and final entry in an age-old tradition. Watch the clip above and be sure to read the video description at YouTube for warm message to the Mega Man community.

The game includes three playable characters, new bosses, new Robot Master weapons (plus the ability to use weapons from past CC games), and a brand-new soundtrack composed by MiniMacro, Fonzarelli and Delta Mudkip. Online leaderboards will also be implemented in the future!

You can download the game here. Merry belated Christmas and a happy 2020, everyone!


  1. I like what they did with my old, terrible music. I just wish the other boss theme had been a fixed up a little further. Them's some bad notes I placed, wot.

  2. You can really taste the british in Ace's writing, but boy, he can make some fun bosses!


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