Tuesday, December 24, 2019

The Grandista Mega Man Figure is Looking Better Than Ever

Bandai's upcoming 10-inch Grandista Mega Man figure recently made an appearance on Capcom's dedicated UFO Catcher YouTube channel sporting an updated design. An image of the refined design was posted Banpresto to their official website, shown above. More details after the jump!

Compared to when we last saw the figure in September, the updated design sports tweaked colors and extra details. The face appears a bit more "on model" and the addition of cloth-like wrinkles to the arms, hands and legs is a welcome addition. This is perhaps one of the most detailed (official) classic Mega Man figures we've ever seen.

In Japan, the figure will only be distributed at amusement facilities directly managed by Capcom. It's intended as a UFO Catcher prize. It can also be "won" from the Capcom Net Catcher App, a remote app that let's you play UFO Catcher games from your phone or PC. Participation is limited to residents of Japan only.

For everyone else, you can buy the figure from the following retailers:

The figure is slated to begin distribution on January 9th, 2020. Look forward to it!


  1. Awesome! I hope that Banpresto will use good materials like One Piece/ Jojo or last My Hero Acadamia Grandistas for this one. The last DBZ Gogeta or Gotenks has poor quality for the legs or colors.

  2. All right, after watched the UFO video, it will be DAY ONE for me, beautiful ROCK with cool colors. I'm waiting for more details but it's definitively a great figure.

  3. It looks pretty good. depending on the state of my wallet, i will get it

  4. what is that mega man tsum tsum looking thing on their table and where can I get one or a hundred?

  5. I have some Banpresto figures, and honestly prefer them over some of the more expensive variations of those characters; I had my F4F and Banpresto Artorias figures side-by-side, and the little Banpresto just consistently looked so much better that I sold the F4F. (Way less space and weight were a nice sacrifice, too.)

    The only thing I am not 100% about with this Mega Man is the smile, but I can't quite put my finger on what it is; is it just barely too close to his nose?


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