Tuesday, December 17, 2019

The Rockman ZX Manga is Getting a Reprint With New Content

Fukkan, the Japanese publisher that focuses on reprinting books by popular demand and brought us many reprints of Rockman mangas over the years, is reprinting Shin Ogino's Rockman ZX manga next year. Find all the details after the break!

Originally the manga was published in Japan in 2007 by Enterbrain. The reprint is expected to have new cover art and "celebration pages" with new illustrations by Toru Nakayama and Makoto Yabe, scenario writer and character designer of the ZX series.

Both volumes will be sold separately but, if you buy the complete set and for no additional cost, the publisher will pack in a new book called Rockman ZX Advent Extra Edition with a new chapter of the ZXA manga.

For the first time the Rockman ZX Advent manga which has never been published in a TankĊbon will see the light of the day, four chapters will be published in each ZX volume.

Below you can find the links to purchase the books and the prices:

Vol.1 - February - 2420 yen (19,67€ -$22)
Vol.2 - March - 2420 yen (19,6€ -$22)
Complete Set - Between February and March - 4840 yen (39,34€ -$44)

No word yet if UDON Entertainment will follow suit. 


  1. I hope UDON Entertainment does this because the English versions of the manga are OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive now in days: https://www.amazon.com/Mega-Man-ZX-Shin-Ogino/dp/1897376685

  2. Good news, but i don't think the french publisher will do anything with it so i'm not particularly concerned byt it for the moment.

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