Thursday, June 16, 2016

Another Look at FiguartsZERO Rockman

First revealed in Hobby Japan, Bandai brings us an even better look at the upcoming FiguartsZERO Rockman figure.

The non-poseable, 5-inch figure is set to hit Japan in November. Pre-orders go live later tonight.



  1. Is it Premium Bandai Exclusive or will other retailers (Amiami, HLJ etc) possibly have it? I've never had any luck with Premium Bandai using a proxy service but I need this guy :/

  2. It really looks good for what it is. But I really desire more articulated Mega Man figures! Do I buy to support the Mega Man brand? Or do I skip because it's not articulated?
    What shall I do!?

  3. A statue... lame... PASS!!!!!

  4. But Mega Man can't slide and charge shot at the same time! (He can't even do those actions in MM9-10) :P

    It actually looks great, but will pass as I prefer articulated figures. (and I don't have the required Zenny...)

  5. Dont need it...[preordered as soon as available]


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