Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Big Capcom Sale on NA PlayStation Network

The North American PlayStation Store is hosting a big Capcom sale that discounts Mega Man, Street Fighter, Resident Evil and other select Capcom games. Here's the Mega Man titles on sale this week through June 13th. All prices are USD:

The full list of deals can be found here.  Thanks to Eric for the tip!


  1. Those are really good prices for MM9, 10 and Legends 2. Definitely getting Legends 2 now, didn't get it before since I had the disc version.

  2. I'd be upset about Legends 2 being so cheap right now when I paid full price... but the more money I can throw at the Legends series the better.

  3. the best collection for me its rockman complete works i won the japanese rockman complete works 3 and 5 :D

  4. Grabbed Legends 2, thanks! The Nintendo eShop also has Legacy Collection on sale for $9.99



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