Thursday, June 16, 2016

Proto Man Replica Buster is Blasting Your Way

ThinkGeek's replica Mega Buster was such a big hit, they're following it up with another one. Spotted on the E3 showroom floor, here's our first look at the full-size Proto Man buster replica. It's not currently available to pre-order, though I've been told it's "really only a matter of time."

Much like the previous Mega Buster, Proto Man's will feature LED lights and sound. We'll have more details to share as soon as a product page goes up online. Look forward to it!

Image source: djonesart


  1. Hm. I wonder if there's a version without the synthetic scuff?

  2. Maybe it's the lightning but it seems to have a weird orangish-red color.

  3. I think the scuffs and the orangeness is from weird lighting at E3. Final product will tell.

  4. It is from the lighting. I wish these were just a smidge smaller. Same for the helmets.

  5. That is so cool!
    Changing the subject though, anyone hear how the Man of Action panel went at Comicpalooza? I'd been anxiously waiting for news and was suprised when I heard nothing over the con weekend. Anyone know what happened?


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