Monday, October 26, 2015

First Mega Man Legacy Collection 3DS Screenshots

Capcom has released a batch of screenshots for Mega Man Legacy Collection on 3DS. You can view them all here. You won't find anything terribly earth shattering - just a nice peek at the menus and dual screen format.

The 3DS version is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2016 (physical and digital). It will arrive with extra features not present in the PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions. The 3DS version will have an additional 10 challenges that can be unlocked with the Mega Man amiibo figure. Stereoscopic 3D display is also anticipated.

More news on the 3DS version as it comes!


  1. Look co- wait, what are you doing, Proto Man? You're Mega Man 3, and why is the Jet Adapter there and, ugh.

  2. Yet still no patch for the broken PC version.

  3. Blues for MM2, Kalinka for MM5, Jet Mega Man for MM4? Really, Capcom?

    1. Considering how Eddie represents Mega Man 6, despite his debut in 4, something must've been mixed up.

    2. Cue Samuel Barber's "Adagio for Strings"

      Yet another blatant disrespect :(

    3. What the hell is going on with those icons...?! Aiieee...

      Should go: Protoman should be in 3 or even better, 5, Roll might possibly go under 3 but really doesn't belong anywhere (it pains me to admit that), Kalinka and/or Eddie should be under 4, and Jet Megaman should be at 6. If I had my druthers though the icons would be sprites of the villains of each game, exceptions being Megaman in the first game and Dr. Light in the third. It might be simple and maybe boring, but at least it accurately represents each game.

    4. I don't think they were trying to represent the games accurately with the icons. I think they just put main characters on each game for the mess of it.

      I'm OK with that, not everything needs a deeper meaning or something. The only gripe I have is with Jet why two Mega Mans.

  4. I will never not cringe at Roll's original art.

  5. I want Proto Man playable in Mega Man 2...

  6. Rock
    Jet Adaptor

    I think it makes more sense

  7. Gunvolt 2 News

  8. Mega Man has been reduced to a state of patheticness.

  9. My OCD is triggeringly mad >:((

  10. My fixes:

    MM1: Helmetless Mega Man (Original "Good Boy" hair version) or Roll (She is playable in the mobile edition) or Copy Robot or Dr. Wily (his 1st appearance)
    MM2: Helmetless Mega Man (Standard blue)
    MM3: Rush or Break Man or Doc Robot K-176
    MM4: Eddie or Kalinka or Dr. Cossack
    MM5: Beat or Dark Man
    MM6: Power Mega Man or Jet Mega Man or Mr. X

    Can't remember the rest.....

  11. I rebought complete works again. Seems better


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