Monday, October 5, 2015

New-Old Mega Man Legends 3 Artwork Uncovered

Toss this one into the archives: here's a newly found, but old, piece of official Mega Man Legends 3 artwork. This obscure nugget briefly appeared at Nico Nico Moba. It was a mobile wallpaper distributed through NicoNico Moba long before the game was cancelled. For the time being, the original, full-res piece is confined to an aging mobile device. We're working on it, though.

Nevertheless this is a welcome look at the dynamic Rock & Roll duo in their would-be Legends 3 duds. Right-click, save as, and treasure it!

Source: miyata__0529


  1. That artstyle was really lame for me. I would have preferred if they stuck with this new style>

    It's way more fluid and expressive than the more often used stiff standard style in Legends 3's promos.

  2. The only artstyle that suits Legends is Ishikawa as always (Hideki ishikawa is toptier anyway)

    1. Gonna sound crazy likely, but I was a bigger fan of Ishikawa's Legends artwork, but not really his Classic series art, something about it felt off about it to me, so when they stopped copying his artstyle in the Archie Comic it didn't bug me one bit, despite the fact there was people complaining all the time that it sucks because they didn't use his style anymore.

    2. Testsuya Yoshikawa is OPtier in that case. He is the only one that can adapt his art to suit the series he's working on. And yes the X8 style was intentional as he has done artwork that faithfully looks like the X characters/series.

      Ishikawa has to draw deformed, he can't help himself. Also he's not all that (he's good, but not the top), several other pixiv artist I feel surpass him in representing Mega Man by miles mainly Kinniku imo.


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