Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Vile MK-2 to Appear in Project X Zone 2

It's been a little while since we last talked about Project X Zone 2 in this space. There hasn't been anything substantial about it, at least in terms of Mega Man content. But now we've got something kinda neat to share. Vile is back, and this time he's bringing his super spiffy MK-2 body.

Vile's return was revealed earlier today on the PXZ2 stream. Vile will once again oppose the Maverick Hunters as a boss, although no gameplay was featured in the stream. One can only speculate what new attacks he'll bring to the fray!

Also, here's hoping for a arranged X3 Vile theme. I'd wager it's happening.

Thanks, CragMan241!


  1. Sweet Sigma! I finally get to see some more legit Vile action in my personal favorite form. Today is good.

  2. I don't enjoyed the first game but glad to see them back again. I will collect them because of megaman x and zero in it but I am not going to play them. I find the game rather boring to me.

    1. Don't do it man, the fine line between a gamer and not a gamer is easily crossed. Don't buy games you don't think are fun and that you would never play.

    2. You should check out some of the more recent gameplay, it looks really good and from what people have translated the story's actually pretty decent now too.

    3. Well.. buy it is not necessarily if you are not enjoying the game. That's true.

  3. I thought the first one was "ok", as a fan of the Super Robot Wars series.
    They do get repetitive after a while.
    My only beef is with the 3DS. Every game I play it's like the volume is playing through a pillow cushion. They need to turn up the music. Or maybe they are muting it because of the crappy chiptune quality?


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