Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Robot Master Field Guide is Back in Stock at Amazon

The Mega Man: Robot Master Field Guide is back in stock at Amazon and it's affordable! You can grab your copy right now for $13.99 while stock last.

Published in 2012 by UDON Entertainment, this handy guide covers every major classic series character. You'll find profiles of every character up to Mega Man 10 and even the Game Boy series. Each profile includes full bios, quotes, likes and dislikes, weapons, and Robot Master weaknesses. If you're new to the classic series, this is a great reference tool to have on-hand for the Legacy Collection.

It's safe to presume stock won't last long. If you missed it the first time or just now hearing about it, I advise you to place and order ASAP!


  1. So is all the biography info in this book official canon? What are its sources?

    1. Absolutely canon. It's pulled from the Complete Works bios, MM&B CDs, developer interviews and comments, and one or two Japanese source books.

  2. Man this would really come in handy... If I wasn't broke XD why do this now wallet why?!. Wish it wasn't low on it though.... It won't last long.

  3. It's been available on Udon's store for a while. I bought it 3 months ago for $13.99. People didn't know about it because the picture for it wasn't available but the listing was. Came in the mail within 7 days.


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