Sunday, January 27, 2013

R20+5 Boasts Unused Mega Man Legends 3 Heroine Designs

Our buddy Kobun #20 of the Reploid Research Lavatory brings us some interesting art from the pages of R20+5. The contents of the book primarily focus on content from the classic and X series... but, curiously, there's a page in there devoted to some unused "Lilly" designs from the Devroom's Heroine Design Event.

The art in question hails from the pens of Hideki Ishikawa and Haruki "SENSEI" Suetsugu. Before taking home second place for his Western themed Lilly, it looks like Suetsugu once toyed with the idea of a biker design (bottom left). Meanwhile, Ishikawa's Lilly was designed to undergo a costume change: before (bottom right) and after (top right) joining the “White Bats” (the working name for the Bright Bats gang). 

It's pretty cool to see the creative process behind both designs. It makes me wonder if there's a batch of alternate/unused designs for the other heroines out there. And, you know, unseen Legends 3 art in general. Mega Man Legends: Official Complete Works, anyone?

Source: The Reploid Research Lavatory


  1. From the looks of things, it looks like they were already pretty set on stone on having a biker gang themed on bats from the very start.

  2. They seem to be waving it in our faces, don't they?

  3. I think it goes without saying that we have not seen all of the production materials related to MML3. Not just the drafts of the known material aimed to be included in the Prototype, or concept art, or drafting that might have been omitted. But for material that was never put to a vote. Or that could spoilers.

    Though I can't foresee an opportune venue for showcasing any more of it.

  4. @Anon1: Are you saying it'd be better for this stuff to be buried and never see the light of day? Who is this "they" that's rubbing anything in our faces, anyway? How are these any different from the unused Mega Man 9 designs found in the very same book? I get that a lot of people are still bitter about Legends 3, but please stop being so over-sensitive.

  5. @Anon2: I can easily see an opportunity to showcase this. Create an OCW for Legends. If one already exists, update it with the mobile games Japan has had as well as Legends 3 material.

  6. @ Clown Prince of Crime
    But at least we got to play MegaMan 9. We could actually look at the game and say, "Oh, this is something they ("they" being the game's movers and shakers) put in the game, but over here is something they were thinking of including instead."

    Legends 3 never came to pass, and yet they're still showing off concept artworks and character designs, as if to say, "Oh, this is what COULD have been in the game that you're never going to play, as opposed to what was going to be in the game you're never going to play."

    It is a little bit like rubbing salt in the wound.

  7. oh no, thyre shwing off cnocep art of lgneds 3 nooooo thy r rubbn it n dat it neva gt relsead!!!111!!!!!!!

    On another related note, people need to grow up over the whole 'Legends is cancelled' situation which has been plaguing the fandom for almost two years now. (and despite myself hating Legends, I really like those character designs)

  8. Brown Biker Girl's updated character looks like crap, honestly. The leather jacket and s**tkicker boots were a big part of her design.

  9. @Anon3
    Just saying "Official Complete Works" out loud feels silly for a series so recognizably incomplete. I know they're just words, and the artbook you're suggesting the uncirculated art be compiled into can be called anything else. But I have a feeling there's unified reluctance to even approach doing a complete asset dump. Not because the faceless panel that canceled 3 may be involved with the decision making process to publish such a book on the series. But by the producers, writers, and artists who were working on the game. Who, bless their hearts, seem to still harbor some hope to make the game eventually. I don't think anything could undermine that much more than unrestricted release alpha sketches of Trigger's original body, concepts and design notes for any relevant boss, storyboard frames for the game's plot even in part, or anything that might have given away what the game beyond the prototype intended or even thought to do. But I don't know if everyone would agree with me on that.

  10. @Zerker: We'll "get over it" when Capcom give us a proper apology for it or a reason for the cancelation

  11. @The Cucuyo: The original art books included artwork of other MM games that never came to pass. I recall seeing some concept art for what could have been a MM Baseball spin-off game. Don't make it seem like Legends 3 was the only game that never became a reality.

    And I agree with the Clown Prince of Crime. Since it's likely that we'll never actually see Legends 3, we should at least be deserving of seeing the old concept art they made for it, especially seeing as how some of the concept art were never shown to the public before.

    But hey, we're getting some of the concept art in the book and that's how it'll be in the end, when Capcom could have just as easily kept it all to themselves. I for one am happy that this book is including some of it, even if it could just be a single page worth of it.

  12. Seriously?

    All this gushing over Legends 3 is not only old, it's getting pathetic.

    Like dusty sports fans talking about the Super Bowl of '83 that COULD have been.

    There will never be a Legends 3, you wouldn't like it if they made it anyway considering the talent they've lost in recent years.

    Wouldn't it be best just to move on to Mega Man's future rather than let Capcom know how vulnerable to trolling we STILL are?

  13. What the heck is MM legends series dedicated artwork doing in that book anyway? The book is meant for Classic and X. And to all the criers, stop crying (even though that's what you do best.)

  14. @January 28, 2013 at 5:01 PM Anon: Oh you mean the same trolling we see in Xover? :)

  15. I seem to run out of popcorn much faster these days.

  16. @January 28, 2013 at 5:01 PM Anon: Yeah, let's focus on MM's future! We can start with that great big pile of NOTHING that Capcom's been giving us since 2011!


    The future is very uncertain and Capcom STILL hasn't explained why MML3 was canned. Just saying.

  17. @ January 28, 2013 at 5:28 PM ANON:

    Both #20 and Protodude's posts can make this seem a little out of context concerning why, but it appears on a page towards the end of the book in a series of three separate Illustrator Interviews.

    Seeing how illustrators who had worked on practically every other series submitted designs for Lilly/Aero's initial concept, their thoughts on any series they had worked on seems fair game as they looked back over the 25 years of the franchise, IMO. Part of Barrett's official art (riding his bike) is also in the interview section, along with some EXE and Ryuusei pieces to coincide with their interviews.

    And to also note, there were a few new tribute images included in the book that included EXE, Ryuusei, Zero and DASH characters, on top of older all-series anniversary, tribute, and official art pieces originally in R20. The vast majority of the book focuses on Classic and X official and concept art, still.

    If you'd like to see the full page in slightly better context, see my scan here:

  18. I'd actually like to see a separate book released with legends 3 concept art, sure the game is cancelled but it would be a waste for all of the concept art to never see the light of day. I always like seeing concept art for unreleased games.


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