Tuesday, January 22, 2013

D-Arts Bass and Treble Are Headed Our Way

Back in October, we caught a sneak peek of D-Arts Bass accompanied by a Treble figure. At the time they were only concepts, meaning there was no guarantee they would go into production. But today it's official: Bandai are preparing to release Bass and his faithful canine later this summer (in the same package, no less). A scan from the latest Figure-Oh magazine confirms the set is due to hit Japan in June with an expected 3990 yen price tag (roughly $45 US).

Currently, there's no information about additional features and accessories. Those details should coincide an official announcement from Bandai in the near future. Stay tuned!

Source: Plastic Joint


  1. I'm fairly torn on this one. My little Bandai Forte figure gets the job done (a physical representation of the character), but these look really nice.

  2. The two action figures would combine into MetalGarurumon?

  3. This is the best looking figure I ever seen since last October and its on the way to our shore. However, I am not into the figure anyway. Thanks for the news, thought. :)

  4. @anon1:

    Ha, don't know about that, but it does bring up an interesting point:

    What about the Rush and Treble Adapters? Any chance, I wonder?

    ...and could Roll get the Tango and Beat Adapters? Protoman could too, I guess, but he seems pretty lone wolf.

  5. First Project X Zone and now this. My wallet isn't going to be safe in 2013...

  6. @HyperSonicEXE: Tango Adapter?


  7. Crap, I still have to get myself a D-Arts Zero and Mega Man!

  8. Awesome! The official figure looks even better than the concept one, thanks bandai you can take all my money now, i would die if the two could combine!

  9. While Bass isn't my favorite character (being one of Japanese pop culture's many, many, MANY Vegeta clones)...

    It is nice to hear some Megaman news that actually concerns me for a change.

  10. I guess I should clarify:
    I don't mean to imply that there has ever been a Beat or Tango Adapter. Or even a Reggae Adapter for all that matter. But it would be worth consideration for either a possible MM11 or the Archie comics to use the concept.

    I've seen some pretty good fan art of the Tango Adapter for Roll, even if it would make more sense for her to have Beat since she's friends with Kalinka, and for Protoman to use Tango given that Tango's at Auto's shop in MM10.

    You could just make all the animals apply as adapters across all the same alignment characters, that'd be easiest.

  11. @23, 5:23 AM: Vegeta clone? Might as well call Vegeta an Atlus (from Astro Boy) clone, since Bass has way more in common with him.

    Anyway sweet Bass Figure!

  12. Nice Bass figure!

    Well, Cut Man uses the Rush Adapter in Mega Man Gigamix. Can't see why others can't.


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