Friday, January 18, 2013

Street Fighter X Mega Man Version 2 Now Available

The version 2 update for Street Fighter X Mega Man has officially gone live. Swing on by Capcom Unity's Mega Man group page for the download. As detailed in the trailer above, v2 is packed with a batch of tweaks and fixes. We've got the much needed password system, additional control options, and what's that? Why, there's an all-new secret boss too! Who could it be? Well, you gotta to play to find out!

Source: Capcom Unity


  1. Judging by that Shoryuken, I'm guessing it's most likely Ken. But who knows, could be Dan, or someone else.

  2. Let me guess... Sagat?

  3. U sed dat there was no new content! U liiiiiiiiiiied! U is liar man! U is weak to TRUTH BUSTERRRRRRRRRRR

    Now that I can leave the game as I please, I can actually commit to finishing this game! :P

  4. Dan Hibiki of course. Who else could be? Weakling joke characters like Akuma, Sagat and Zangief?

  5. It's sagat. The shadow says tiger at the end...


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