Friday, January 4, 2013

An Update for Street Fighter X Mega Man is in the Works

Over the last couple weeks, Capcom has been pretty mum on the prospect of an update to Street Fighter X Mega Man. But in an interview with The Mega Man Network, Capcom Unity Community Manager Brett Elston has officially confirmed a "Version 2" update is in production.

It remains to be seen if the update will add any new content, but it will address design concerns. For example, Brett specifically addressed the fact that the game instantly closes without confirmation if you hit the escape key. We can infer this will be patched up, perhaps with a lovely "are you sure you want to quit?" message.

No other fixes were mentioned so we can only speculate for now. I, personally, would really like it if the update added backtracking to completed stages. It'd be nice to go back and grab any E-Tanks I missed before!

Source: Destructoid (via TMMN)


  1. I wish they include support for POV hat buttons on gamepads, we shouldn't have to use Xpadder or Joy2key on a 2012 game...

  2. I'd like version 2 to offer a Mac/Linux edition. There's really no excuse other than laziness; if they released the source code, I bet someone would have a port ready within a week.

  3. save or passwords, please. I refuse to play it until it has one of those :P

  4. @liquidcross

    It was made in Gamemaker that's the problem.

  5. Wasn't excited for this generic fan game with the seal of approval slapped on it, and still don't care for it. All it did was show what's wrong with Megaman and the franchise as a whole.

  6. I still can't play the damn game because it runs too slow on Windows Vista and the game won't recognize my MadCatz controller.

    Rather than update it, try porting it to an unbiased console.

  7. January 4, 2013 8:15 PM Anon

    As I know, it WAS made in GameMaker.

  8. I enjoyed the game despite the above gripes. I'd rather see an update to 9 and 10 adding a charge shot.

  9. @Rockman Craze

    Maybe you shouldn't be running Vista in the first place?

    Also, ever consider that your MadCatz is the problem?

    And what is an "unbiased console"? Is it a console that runs on machine code?

  10. I want nothing more than to be able to set the controls to the keys that I desire, like in any emulator. Until then, I just can't play the game with the wonky keyboard mapping.


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