Friday, January 11, 2013

All Six New Mega Man Tees Up for Pre-Order

Wardrobe in need of a little megafication? Look no further than these six brand-new Mega Man t-shirts from Capcom. We saw these guys some weeks back, but they're officially up for pre-order. Head on down to the Capcom Store and take at look!

Thanks for the tip, Rick!


  1. Well, that X is going to give me nightmares tonight.

    Let's see what the other shirts are...

    Cutman looks awesome!
    Servbots are still being marketed, so there's that anyway...
    Gag, that was awful.
    I don't get it.
    Been done.

  2. wellllll i think they're all pretty bad... the rain one looks the nicest... the cut man one is juts a bad re-drawing of an already existing picture...

  3. the two and a half megamen shirt has to be the worst megaman shirt in existence

  4. @Cyberguy: Have you never heard the song 'Its Raining Men'? It's a parody/pun like the 2 and a half men one.

  5. @Anon Jan 12, 1:26 PM
    I get the puns. They are incredibly lame. :( Referencing a ridiculous, unfunny song and equally unfunny tv show? No, please.

    I think these shirts are really lackluster. :\ They look like something you can get on zazzle, especially the ones with the 8-bit sprites.

    The ones that are not 8-bit really creep me out, especially the first two! Ugh.

  6. This is really so sad and I misteriously feel ashamed for clicking the link....I'd prefer a cleveland show shirt.

  7. The shirts are all really meh.

    Except "Get Served", though I wish that had the MvsC Servbot tripping, and broken plates all over the shirt.

  8. Oh man, I want the Cutman one. I love how it pays tribute to the old 1930's cartoon shorts, which are a hobby of mine.

  9. So no one likes the Bioshock reference ? I bet the guys at Kotaku will love it.

    I wish they had a Zero one though.

  10. Bioshock reference? Isn't it a reference to the classic movie Metropolis? Pretty sure it is since the Zero one was.


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