Thursday, January 10, 2013

Capcom SVP: "Digital Poll Data Was Very Telling"

Not too long ago, Capcom USA held a community-wide survey asking fans what kind of games they would like to see released digitally. This poll not only gauged interest in digital re-releases of old games, but also the prospect of new titles as well. Hyping Mega Man fans up in particular, a "new HD Mega Man - side-scrolling, jump and shoot (HD sprite based or 2.5D)" and "new HD Battle Network" were among proposed games.

Now that the data has been collected, Capcom USA senior vice president Christian Svensson was willing to talk a little about the results over on the Ask Capcom forums. Although he was unable to comment on how individual titles and franchises fared, Svensson was more than happy to share what Capcom took away from the survey overall.

Svensson's quote in full:

"I think the breadth of feedback we received was fantastic (more than 60K respondents) and I think Japan will think the same. So thanks everyone for taking the time.

The data collected was very telling and in my opinion easily gives a prioritized list of things I think we should do (conveniently enough, many of them are things we've been pushing for for a while). My next task is to convince the gatekeepers in Japan with the data (which they have in their possession) and ensure what we're working on fits with the complete digital strategy for the company.

Games of this sort take a couple months to greenlight and usually a year or more to make, so again, to set expectations, please don't expect any new news being driven from this survey in the short term. That said, we do have games already in development in this segment, some of which you'll hear about a bit later in the year."

Of note, this was a response to an inquiry about Mega Man-related data. Make of that what you will.

Hopefully, it won't be too long before the survey's data bears fruit. It would be great if we can get some Mega Man titles out of this... old and new!

Source: Ask Capcom (thanks to Josh for the tip)


  1. "Gatekeepers".

    Dunno, but that stood out to me more than it probably should have lol.

    Yknow, maybe Capcom US should make a Mega Man game some time? I remember back in the day, Sonic 2 and 3&K were made by Sega US, and they are considered among the best Sonic games. Maybe Capcom should give it a shot? Capcom US obviously seems to have far more passion for the Blue Bomber than Capcom JP, so maybe thats what the franchise needs? same company, different branch?

  2. Still disappointed that they left out two series on the survey. I would personally love to see a third ZX title or a fourth Star Force game (although the series was sorta concluded at 3), and also I'd rather see a Battle Chip Challenge re-release over anything Legends related.

  3. I have nothing to say until I see something concrete. Mr. Top Men holds no sway over my opinion of Capcom.

  4. @Zerker: Eww, why? BCC was one of the worst games I've ever played. It literally took most of what made BN series good out, and left it with one of the most barest-bone piece of garbage gameplay systems I've ever seen/played. I am a huge BN fan, but no, I wouldn't take BCC over anything.

  5. I hope they took a gander at my suggestions for branching out the gameplay formulas, I used Megaman X as the example because I felt that continuity had the most potential.

  6. Only 60k? We couldn't even convince them on the matter of Legends 3 with 100k! The survey will achieve next to nothing!

  7. Glad that there are some variable input from MegaMan fans. I was worried for a moment. Also, it pains me to see MegaMan Star Force 4 cut from the list since Capcom knew the Star Force series is a failure and some Star Force fans don't understand that post game thing of Star Force 3 is just an extra content thing and has no ties to the next Star Force game.

  8. @Flame
    I would love Capcom USA to just make a new Mega Man game with WayForward (Mighty Switch Force, Shantae, Adventure Time, Contra 4), something still holding to the roots, but with fluid sprites and creative gameplay.

  9. "'d rather see a Battle Chip Challenge re-release over anything Legends related."

    Yeeeeah-no. I think it's time to hand in your Mega Man fan card.

    Door's over there.

  10. Are people really that surprised by Zerker's post? After all, this is the same person who not only likes Xover, but sees absolutely nothing wrong with it, for crying out loud. Speaking of which, wasn't that game supposed to have gotten a US release a few months ago? I'm certainly not complaining, but still.

    As for me, I'm still waiting on games like Mega Man 11 and X9. Regarding the former, it would be nice if they were to go with the two graphical styles that they had planned for Mega Man 9, and that way, all three sides will be satisfied. Those "three sides" are people who don't want to move past the 8-bit artstyle, those who are looking forward to something new, and anyone who happens to not prefer one over the other.

  11. @Matthew Ingraham: I... would actually support that.

  12. Not holding my breath for a new (as in not-a-port) digital Megaman/Rockman game anytime soon.

    Heck, not even holding my breath for a new (as in not-a-port) quality Megaman/Rockman game in 2013.

    TOPMEN? More like STOP (games from being made) MEN!

    Rotten fruit and old boots welcome.

  13. @2:41 Anon and Flame - whoops sarcasm flew over your heads. Although I don't like Legends anyway so...

    @Krazy Monkey - Would you kindly remind me how liking Xover suddenly makes my opinions invalid? Also never heard anything about Xover being confirmed for a western release, then again if it doesn't get localized it's the fandom's fault.

    MM11 is a good idea. X9, eh, no.

  14. I don't want to see another Mega Man NES remake. I want to see something new and refreshing!

  15. @Krazy Monkey: yeah, see, that's why I don't join fan communities. I may not agree with Zerker's sentiments about wanted a re-release of Battle Chip Challenge (unless bundled with the other BN games) or not wanting an X9, I appreciate them none the less. So he likes Xover, and doesn't have any issues with it. Big deal, people aren't going to share the same opinion as the supposed majority. I enjoyed Duke Nukem Forever fully, and had no issues with it; sadly, it's not the most popular opinion. I also haven't seen this "Square-Enix downfall," as I've completely enjoyed all the Final Fantasies I've played over the last ten years just as much as the ones I've played the ten years before there, if not more so. Again, not the "popular" opinion, but that doesn't make everything I say invalid.

    Not everybody is going to agree with your thoughts, or "go with the flow," sorry. Once people can get used to this, gaming may get an enjoyable online community, but until then, I'll continue to focus on just the news, and not care about even trying to engage in pointless conversations about people not liking what other people like.

    Also, Capcom, please, take all the time you need. I'd rather have something well done and prepared than some shoddy half-debugged mess just to get a title out. I've said it before and I'll say it again, time taken is not a bad thing. Just look at the gap between Super Metroid and Metroid Prime, that was an amazing return to form, in a completely new genre even. So, yeah. Take your time. Just please, let's move into the new century, and not go back to 8/16-bit. I'd love to see you still use sprites, but we have so many glorious new options for them...

  16. "Would you kindly remind me how liking Xover suddenly makes my opinions invalid?"

    because it means you have terrible taste and can't see just how bad and lazy Xover is?

    "then again if it doesn't get localized it's the fandom's fault."

    Good riddance, don't bring that shit over here.

  17. @Zerker:

    As laughably bad as I consider that game to be, I don't think there's anything wrong with you liking it; after all, people do have their preferences, and I respect your opinion. Would it be too much to ask for you to do the same with those who feel the exact opposite about it?

    Regarding your second sentence about Mega Man X9, the X series has never reach a proper conclusion like a few of of the other Mega Man series have, so I don't see the problem. Especially since there are some untold stories, such as what happened to Axl before the Zero series began (and not to mention whether or not Sigma was truly dead after the events of Mega Man X8).

  18. "MM11 is a good idea. X9, eh, no."

    Yes' let's totally make another 8-bit rehash that adds practically nothing new to the franchise other than a little bit more money. At least with X9 there'll probably be some kind of new gameplay gimmick.

    ...Although, I'm still iffy on another X9, due to plot issues. Unless we do something with Axl from the ending of X8, then there's not a whole lot to work with without it being crap. Still, I'd rather we have that than another classic series game that does nothing significant whatsoever.

  19. To be fair, I honestly look at X Over and can say that I've played worse Megaman/Rockman games in the franchise.

    I dunno, maybe if a lot of people actually played the game, as opposed to just watching two clips and that Flash parody-demo, they'd see what I mean.

    Maybe it's just me, but there's a slight charm whenever I hear a familiar tune from the series, or see a long forgotten face from the Battle Memory images. Plus, with the game's embedded addictive nature, I find myself playing it at least once a day. (Sessions are practically from 2 minutes to 20, depending on how much Energy I want to use, or if there's any notifications from my Friend List)

    But then again, this is the internet and the Megaman fanbase, so anything said that's not the majority rules opinion is completely ignored and "invalid". XD

  20. @Darrien:

    Wow. You misinterpreted that big-time. I'm guessing you aren't familiar with Zerker's other posts throughout this blog (check any Xover article, and you'll see what I mean). My above post was made to turn the tables on her(?), since that's similar to what she's done to anyone who dared to mention that they dislike Rockman Xover. I'd say more on this subject, but my other post already went through. See that one for more details.

  21. @Zerker: Well my other comment didn't go through so I'll try again. There was nothing in your post to indicate sarcasm.

    @Krazy Monkey: I don't know why you had to explain yourself for wanting X9, to Zerker of all people.

  22. @Darrien

    True. All people have different opinions and we need to respect them. But not all will respect others opinions like I don't respect a certain someone's opinions.

    And you're right about not seeing this Square-Enix downfall thing. I'm actually looking forward for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII as I am an huge Final Fantasy fanatic and fan of RPGs.

    Who knows? MegaMan might make a comeback one day and we'll get either an non 8bit MegaMan 11 or X9. Who knows. Like you, I will focus on just the news and enjoy other game series and franchises. Cause that's how I roll.

  23. @Amir:

    "I dunno, maybe if a lot of people actually played the game, as opposed to just watching two clips and that Flash parody-demo, they'd see what I mean."

    Oh, I'm pretty sure we've seen a lot more than that.

    "ut then again, this is the internet and the Megaman fanbase, so anything said that's not the majority rules opinion is completely ignored and "invalid". XD"

    Hey, hey. Don't lump me in with that crowd. Even if Rockman Xover wasn't largely hated, and was regarded as a masterpiece by nearly everyone in the fandom, my opinion wouldn't change in the slightest. I've made that apparent with all my Mega Man 2 rants over the years.


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