Friday, November 16, 2012

New Rockman Holic Preview + Xover Bonus

For your listening pleasure, here's another "preview" track for the upcoming Rockman Holic album. I say "preview" because, well, it's actually the whole song, “Together As One,” an arrangement of the Wily stage theme from Mega Man 2. It's in English, too!

Sound Holic also announced the album will come with a special serial code for Rockman Xover. It's a Zero battle memory card!

Credit: The Mega Man Network


  1. Nappa: "Vegeta, what the Scouter says about its awesome level?"

    Vegeta: "It's OVER 9000!" *Breaks Scouter while still using it*

    Nappa: "WHAT! 9000!?" *Manly tears*

  2. Together As One > Okkusenman.

    Seriously. That was an awesome arrangement.

  3. The courage that you gave me was 110 million...

  4. Who's the vocalist?

    1. Nano. I heard she's a Japanese singer who used to also live in the US.

  5. It's in English!!! Thank you Sound Holic! XD

  6. A completely English song? That's a little surprising.

    It was... decent. Though maybe if the Wily stage theme wasn't so over-covered and overrated, then maybe it would have been a little better.

    Don't get me wrong, the stage theme is still one of my favorites still, but... it's just too common.

  7. i reallllllly didn't like the song, but i wouldn't have minded playing megaman universe if it had looked like this.

  8. Wow, that was much better than I thought. It sounds way better than Okkusenman.

  9. Gotta admit it...
    (The Japanese lyrics was about Ultra Man, not Mega Man at all...)

  10. Wow, that was amazing. I don't know if it's just me, but the lyrics kind of remind me of Mega Man's current status.

    @November 16, 2012 3:16 PM Anon

    The vocalist is "nano", I believe, if it's the same one I know that is. Another song by nano is "no pain, no game", for the anime Btooom!.

  11. @Sorry but...

    Actually, I think the real question is, "What does the scouter say about how many times this song's been remixed?" Seriously, it's way overdone. Why can't people pay attention to other Wily stage songs, like the first one in Mega Man 7? In my opinion, that one has Mega Man 2's outclassed in pretty much every way.

  12. I like this arrangement, but for me, my favorite rendition is JAM Project's.

  13. @Strike Thunderbird
    Agree, other musics deserve a remix too. There are few from ZX and Legends music, and other games... But darn, MM2's Wily Stage IS good, which is why it is remixed so many times.

  14. This is also better than brentalfloss' version, but i'm biased because I love Megaman 7, haha :P

  15. please give me a strength to my video

  16. please give me a strength to my video

  17. That was an awesome song alright! It had pretty fitting lyrics and the rock arrangement was awesome.

    I'm gonna say this is better than Okkusenman as well, but in terms of context. The original Okkusenman (the one with the horrible screams and low quality flash animation) was a melancholic song about how we long for our childhood days to come back. It was sung in a solemn and straight way without letting the good humor aside, so it's an awesome Wily's theme rendition.

    The one song I just can't stand is JAM Project's version. So yeah, they grabbed it and turned it into an epic anthem, that's how they roll. But in doing so they turned the original song into void and meaningless crap without any passion in the singer's voices, doesn't matter how high do they sound. It's not bad, but it's epic just for the sake of epic. No more meaning, no more depth.

    But together as one thoroughly outclasses both versions of the same song. Their lyrics made a lot more sense in the megaman sense, and the music feels definitely more natural, and less overproduced (unlike JAM's). If all of Rockman Holic's material is going to be as good as this song and the music from the trailer, I just cant wait to get my hands on it, because it'll definitely be worth it.


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