Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Update Those Bookmarks

So, today was interesting. Long story short, I had to get a new domain. It's now http://www.rockman-corner.com/

Update your bookmarks and feeds. Affiliates, please update those links. And to everyone out there who visits this corner every day, thank you for your continued support. Spread the good word; I am still here.

- Protodude


  1. If you could buy back the old domain name in a week like you tweeted, why not just wait it out? It's just one week, seems more of a hassle to buy a new domain name.

  2. No guarantee I could get it back. Apparently, someone has been VERY interested in grabbing the old URL. They waited until I slipped up. Missed my expiration by a day or two.

  3. Now why would anyone want to get their hands on the old URL anyway?

    ........... OH NO!!

    But lame jokes aside, I still don't see why.

  4. The URL has a dash in it? That might explain some things. Why did this blog try to redirect to http://www.rockmancorner.com/ ?

  5. Well, that's quite an unfortunate situation. Sorry to hear about that.

  6. I hope the guy who got the old link doesn't do anything stupid with it.

  7. @Protodude
    ... fffffFFFFF-- Some people, god. Well, luckily, I follow you on Twitter (and have your e-mail address handy), so I happened to see your notification. I hope everyone else can find their way back here as well...

  8. I saw the original URL. It's become one of THOSE sites. Urgh.

  9. "The Leading Rockman Corner Site on the Net." indeed. T_T


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