Thursday, November 8, 2012

Intuition! Rockman is Downright Zany

Oh man. I've been looking for footage of this one for a while. This, my friends, is Intuition! Rockman. Released exclusively in Japan in 2008, this mobile-phone game is obscure in every sense of the word.

In short, Intuition! Rockman is essentially WarioWare starring the Blue Bomber and friends; a collection of quirky mini-games wherein you perform strange tasks. The game is predominately controlled via motion. In other words, it only works on cell phones that have an accelerometer. Because of that, its install base was pretty small. It's virtually unknown in many fan circles.

Much like WarioWare, there's also a subtle overarching story that ties all these unusual mini-games together. The Mega Man Network writes, "The story of the game has Dr. Wily finishing his next latest invention which will assuredly win him the world. But as if on cue, Mega Man drops in to stop him. However, he proves to be no match for Wily’s machine, which is impervious to any of Mega Man’s attacks, though Wily himself is troubled that the machine doesn’t actually do anything. Roll comes in with a message from Dr. Light suggesting to shake the machine if attacks don’t work. Angered, Dr. Wily traps Roll in his machine to power it up even more."

Just how nutty are these mini-games, you ask? Oh gee, I dunno... how does guiding Fire Man to ski down a birthday cake sound? Yeah. Strange stuff. You'll see plenty more in the above 18-minute video. Enjoy!


  1. If we had gotten a port of this on the iOS instead of Rockman Xover, I'd honestly be satisfied with it.

    It looks incredibly fun and funny.

    Also, I find Roll's new sprites incredibly cute. XD

  2. This looks really fun, even though I guess it's pretty short. It'd be nice to see it localized and brought to more than cell phones/ianything, maybe bundled with some other obscure Megaman games, but I guess this is just another "disposable" cell game to them, just like Phantom and Legend of Network. Thanks for sharing the video Protodude.

  3. Still a better Love Story(read: game) than Twilight(read: Xover).

  4. I agree with Amir. I'd rather get a straight-up port of this game than Rockman XOver. It looks way more fun.

  5. I wouldn't mind buying this, if it was available as a 3DS e-shop game.

    I also wonder if anyone will try to recreate the new sprites...

  6. OMG. Mega Man and Elec Man having a dance off?!? DDR Style?! Priceless!!!!!

  7. I'm surprised there isn't more fanart with Roll holding a wielding a kitchen knife.

  8. Looks very entertaining. The only bad point is that it is too short, but otherwise it looks great!

    LOL to Guts Man's ending

    "Rockman 20th Anniversary" in Fire Man's game

    Dance Dance Elec Man!

    MMPU Samurai Roll? She must be the inspiration for Blade Man's creation.

    Sniper Joe comes in peace? Nah, he has orders from Wily the dizzy alien. Poor Joe is the only to not appear in the ending. (and Rockman or Copy Robot) Even the Mets appeared.


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