Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Capcom U.S Working to Get Mega Man 1-6 On 3DS Virtual Console

In an interview posted in the latest issue of Nintendo Power, Capcom's own Christian Svensson and community manager Brett Elston spoke a little about Mega Man on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console. More specifically, they assured fans that Capcom U.S are planning on getting all six of the original classic NES games (Mega Man 1-6) on the eShop. Eventually.

According to the interview, there have been some difficulties preventing a release. Neither Svensson nor Elston divulged the details, but they did confirm those issues are being fixed right now. With hope, we'll start getting these games on our end soon enough.

Japan is up to Rockman 5, and Europe finally got Mega Man 1 last week. Can't be much longer now!

Thanks to everyone who sent in the tip!


  1. The issue is that they hate Megaman =D

  2. That's nice.
    Would love to see the rest of the NES games on 3DS Virtual Console, just five more to go.

    Also I'm just gonna apologize for going off-topic and being impatient, but where's Rockman xover?
    Wasn't it supposed to have been released at the end of October (but then I could understand if it's been delayed)?

  3. We still need 6, 7 and X3 on the Wii too, folks.

  4. Capcom, working hard to be able to print money.

  5. it would be nice if they would also release the super nes megaman and x games on the 3ds virtual console. it's not like the 3ds can't handle it. I'd love to play portable versions of x1-3, mm7, soccer, mm&b. or how about maybe the rest of the original gb games?
    kinda rediculous how japan has 1-5 and we have nothing, how hard can it be for capcom of america to get some mm games on the virtual console?

    nintendo is doing a very poor job overall with the 3ds virtual console, so many missed opportunities for not putting snes and gba games on the 3ds virtual console. it's not just megaman that's lacking on the virtual console, it's the entire 16 bit generation in general. how about some snes, sega genesis, tg 16 and some 32 bit gba games?

  6. I wouldn't be surprised if these issues had less to do with emulation and more with "Capcom of Japan are morons".

    @Zerker: It's still said to come out some time in Autumn. No specific release date, of course. >.>

  7. You know what would be real nice, but we all know it would never ever happen?

    Capcom going, "Y'know, here's something that should really tickle your fancies" and releasing a finished version of Mega Man Mania/Anniversary GBA as an eShop game.

    Even if it's just a collection game with updated colors, art gallery and some fancy smazzy menus, it would AT LEAST be something.

    Even if it were priced at like... I dunno, $19.99 on the eShop, I'd snag it up.

  8. I want 3D versions.

  9. @Amir: That'd actually be pretty great, but it would require effort, and we know how capcom is with effort and Megaman together these days

  10. "there have been some difficulties preventing a release"

    Voice actor troubles (Legends 1/2)?
    Nope, since these are the Classic NES games. (which have no voice actors to "speak" of)

    Not well received (MMUniverse's art style, for instance)?
    Nope, since these are the Classic NES games. (which have endured the test of time, mostly)

    Fans' fault for not being more involved (you know exactly what I'm referring to)?
    Nope, since these are the Classic NES games. (which are already completed)

    So what's the holdup with what should be straightforward ports (ie NOT remakes a la MMPU/MHX, which sold poorly) to an undeniably more powerful system?

  11. Like Anon2, I'd still like to see Megaman 6 for Wii. Getting a new, preserved set of my favorite old games was the primary reason I bought the Wii...

    Also, Tetris Attack, Mario All Stars, and Yoshi's Island (not to be too off-topic).

  12. Fantasy Empress RolinaNovember 7, 2012 at 9:56 PM

    ...Rereleasing classic games? Again? Call me when they do something interesting, like Battle Network for VC.

  13. Other than the fact that I want more than just the 6 NES games, I'd also like it if Capcom could release the games at a steady, consistent pace and not randomly give up at around 4 or 5.

  14. @anon November 7, 2012 5:48 PM: No no no they are saving those GBA and SNES games don't kid yourself. They got the whole GB and GBC backlog to workthrough as well as game Gear and NES.

    Most people would think 'Oh just release them all at start'. No. That's not how it works. It's to help prevent dry periods, because if they put it up all at once, then you'll pick your titles and bitch later when there's no retail or downloadable in the near future.

    Nintendo is trying to put emphasis on the downloadable titles. At the same time, ALOT of old titles on the Wii VC were released for special occasions such as Majoras Mask for 200th VC game or whatever, or Smash Bros to pump up for Brawl.

    AT THE SAME TIME, none of the ambassador GBA games could do multiplayer, and we were all told that later that would be enabled when a paid version arrived for the rest. Meaning right now, games like Pokemon and BN lose half their appeal because they are incapable of doing multiplayer. Meaning Nintendo, at this moment is most likely fiddling with the ROMs in order to see how it can go about it. So be patient. And let's not forget it has to prep the Wii U eshop and VC. It is supposed to have GC eventually.

  15. Meh,not interested Capcom.

    I want 3D ones.

  16. The only issue I can see are issues between Capcom of A and J. Even though I am just speculating, both can suck it, regardless.

    I'm suprised 6 and 7 never came out on the virtual console for the Wii. :( I'd much rather play on a large screen than a portable console. The stupid anniversary collection for the Gamecube had terrible controls that I couldn't get used to thus rendering them unplayable, at least for me. Thus, emulators had to do, which work just as good as playing on a TV.

    Oh well. This is not really a big deal for me as I already have these games, some in more than one format. I also don't own a 3DS and I probably never will until something spectacular and exclusive comes out on it. Until then, I will stick with my DS Lite.


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