Friday, November 23, 2012

Rockman Online Vanishes from NeoWiz Main Page

In a move that's all too familiar with Mega Man Legend 3's demise, NeoWiz have dropped Rockman Online from their front page RPG section. The game's homepage is still live, but it could only be a matter of time before it goes dark. You might as well head on over there now and save those assets.

At the end of the day, it's one more nail in Rockman Online's coffin. This comes just a few months after the game’s environment artist Kang Dong Hwa admitted the project was dropped. Even though his comment was quickly removed, NeoWiz didn't come forward to confirm or deny the game's cancellation.

Quite frankly, NeoWiz's comment is no longer necessary. All signs point to the same conclusion: Rockman Online is a goner.

Source: NeoWiz


  1. Wow 3 games in the span of 2 years, thats so sad ;_;

  2. Womp womp wooooooooooooomp.

  3. Hell, whats the use?
    I wasn't even expecting for this game to come at all.
    Screw it.

  4. I wont believe it is gone until they say it is. Thanks, thought. :)

  5. @Anon: Rest in peace in peace? >.>

    I fully expected as much. Such a shame, since it had some great designs.

  6. Another one bites the dust... It's truly sad really, this game had so much potential... even if it was going to be a Korean exclusive.

    On a much more lighter note... Oohhhh, so THAT'S how the robot legs bend. =P

  7. So long, RMO; from what little we say of you, you looked like an enjoyable game.

  8. Can they go ahead and cancel Rockman Xover? That'd be great.

    I'm kidding, but pretty soon cancellation WILL BE Mega Man. "Man, I wonder when Capcom's going to announce and then cancel a new Mega Man game? I hope it's a good one!"

  9. Be honest with me here: how many Rockman/Megaman fans could honestly say this Korean-exclusive MMORPG was ever coming stateside (USA for non-American speaking fans)?

    Cancellations of games with potential never make my day, but a game that I was never going to be able to play (short of moving to South Korea or using proxies) won't cause me to shed any tears for out Blue Bomber, either.

  10. Seeing Zero at the center of a Rockman Online post that references Legends 3, brings to mind these words from Snipe Anteater:

    "Blue - the lies that have infested the earth.
    Red - those destroyed and sealed away forever."

  11. @Captain: Well, I certainly do understand where you come from, but you also can't deny that even then, RMO had great potential and may have helped change things a bit had it been released, even as an exclusive. It's still disheartening to see this one go as well.

  12. Every other game gets canned but Xover remains. Cool.

    Xover is the worst out of the four. Haven't heard much about it lately. Maybe they did the world a solid and canned it too.

  13. @1st anon: grammar mouthpalm!

    Capcom: I have bad news and badder news for you guys.

    Fans: Well, tell us the badder news.

    Capcom: We are not gonna release Rockman Online whatsoever.

    Fans:......ok......and the bad one was...?

    Capcom: Oh yeah, we weren't meant to release it in America anyway. But hey, everything is not lost yet, we are selling some BBA Megaman belly bags.

  14. Hey, at least Xover is still here, and thats something we should all look forward to.

    I didn't care much for RMO.

  15. Coming to America or not, it's quite lovely to think that Capcom is canceling even their less known game.

  16. AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaand, it's gone. This is sad :/ I really was looking forward for this... even more than MML3 to be honest.

  17. This is bad news. Why won't they let us have it? I was hoping it wouldn't come to this...

  18. @Zerker: You're only saying that because of the unlikelihood of RMO being released overseas had it been completed.

    And if you had been paying attention to everyone's complaints and whining, no one has really been looking forward to Xover.

  19. Happy 25th anniversary, guys! :D


  20. @ Dr. Jerk - No, I'm saying it because I was never interested in it in the first place.

    Also, maybe the people who hate Xover should stop being butthurt about MML3, MMU and RMO? Then maybe they would look forward to it.

  21. @Zerker: Nope. Nothing could make Xover look any less half-arsed, even if those other three games weren't canned.

    You've long since worn out the "you're just butthurt" routine.

  22. @Zerker I don't to be butthurt about any of those games to see how awful Xover is.

  23. RMO had some really nice art and character redesigns, those awesome anime videos and... not much else. From what I could tell from the previews, the game itself was ass. And it was probably never coming out here anyway.

    It's a shame, because I'd really like to see a MM 3D MMO with a City of Heroes style character creation system where you could build your own character from parts. RMO wasn't it. I am not a big fan of isometric side scrolling MMOs, and all the player characters being clones of Duo, X and Zero was silly.

    I wish people would stop blaming Capcom for this one going away. This was a licensed game. It's highly unlikely they had anything to do with it.

  24. @kobun37: And I wish people would stop assuming Capcom had no say whatsoever in what was ultimately done with the project. I mean, it's THEIR license.

    It's very possible that CoJ wasn't actually involved, but I don't want to rule it out just because RMO was licensed.

  25. @Zerker: There is a bar many mobile titles have set over the past few years that the constant iphone revisions have helped create. And guess what? Xover fails to meet that bar, which is why many are disappointed in it.

    Need for Speed Most Wanted, Batman Arkham City Lockdown, Infinity Blade, TWEWY iOS... Those are games that have great visuals and gameplay and are on the iOS, in addition showing great engines like Unreal 3 can run on iOS. Even Angry Birds, while it doesn't push the system graphically now, puts an emphasis on planning out your angles and when to activate bird abilities when you play.

    Now lets compare Xover to these titles. It looks like garbage, lacking depth in graphics the others have as well as missing frames in its animations much like the X port, its over simplified gameplaywise to the point of dullness, requires next to no strategy to beat the level or boss, is shallow, and brings almost nothing new to the Megaman universe. THAT is why Xover is getting flak. Not because we are butthurt, but because we have standards for iOS gaming as well as Megaman that we demand it meet.

  26. @ RADIX

    There could be an invisible, intangible unicorn peering over my shoulder while I write this too. Yes, it is Capcom's license, but why would they tell Neowiz to cancel the game? Are people so eager to blame Capcom for everything that logical thinking goes right out the window?

    If the game released, Capcom would get license fees. If Capcom told Neowiz to cancel the game, not only would they get no fees, they would probably have to pay Neowiz for the losses incurred during development. So yanking the license would cost Capcom money, while letting the development continue benefits the company.

    So yeah, I'm sure there that in spite of the fact that Neowiz went through a reorganization due to financial troubles, the only possible reason for cancellation is because Capcom hates money, er Mega Man.

  27. Why do people still bother responding to Zerker? He says the same thing in basically every article he comments on here in regards to Xover.

    Also @kobun37

    Easy there.

    Radix said:
    "It's very possible that CoJ wasn't actually involved, but I don't want to rule it out just because RMO was licensed."

    He simply wasn't ruling out the fact that Capcom could have potentially done something. Tone down the sarcasm and conclusion jumping. Nobody knows the full details outside of the companies themselves after all.

    I understand that some people jump on Capcom sooner than they should, but people also jump to Capcom's defense sooner than they should too.

    In regards to the issue I'll simply point out that while Capcom may or may not have been involved in the game's cancellation in some way, they could have done more to save the title, even if it meant giving the game to another affiliate. Of course whether or not that would be realistic or worth it, nobody can say.

    Regardless it's never fun when a project that is, if nothing else somewhat interesting, gets cancelled.

  28. trolls don't like logic, that's why Zerker never has a good argument to defend Xover


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