Monday, November 26, 2012

Mega Man 2: Dr. Wily's Castle Theme Gets A Capella Treatment

If I had a nickel for every arrangement of Mega Man 2's Dr. Wily Castle theme... I'd be a terribly rich man. And today adds one more nickel into the mix! Here's an A capella of the famous theme, sung by comedic duo Max and Sam (not to be confused with Sam & Max). It's quite catchy and, simply put, a little silly. Give it a watch!

Source: Max and Sam


  1. I think I hear a Symbol Hit in there, but that could be done with voice, I can't be certain which it is.

  2. For the love of god, STOP MAKING COVERS OF THIS DAMN SONG. There is other great music in the Mega Man series, y'know? I don't care if it's a capella, this song has been done to death.

  3. they'll evebtally launch a 4-cd compilation with the best remixes and versios of this song


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