Sunday, November 11, 2012

Have Another Rockman Xover Pre-Release Item

The latest issue of Dengeki Game App magazine (volume 6) contains a promotional Rockman Xover Vile Ride Armor card. Obtained via QR Code, this card can be used to reduce damage inflicted by a boss. Much like Famitsu App's exclusive promo card, you can't use it until you beat the game's tutorial.

It's worth mentioning this card comes from the same issue that said Xover would hit iOS by the end of October. As you've no doubt noticed, nothing's come of that. No one really knows if the game's been delayed or if Dengeki got the date wrong. One thing is certain though: the code for the card will expire on December 20th. Xover should hit iOS before (or around) then.

Now I know what some of you are thinking: the game's been cancelled. I don't believe that to be the case... but it seems like just about anything can happen these days. Whatever the result, I'll keep you posted.

Source: Rinkya (Yahoo! Auctions Japan)


  1. I'm dying to get Xover in my hands. Maybe I'll be done with it in 5 minutes, but I just want it over with.

    I'm hoping to get some fun from it though.

  2. With any hope, maybe it was cancelled at the last minute, maybe after realizing just how utterly poor the reception already is. But with all of these pre-release codes and stuff, it don't seem that too likely...

  3. I was actually thinking the game had been cancelled, and I was hoping so.

  4. I'm so hungry for a Mega Man game, that I'm slightly excited for this, Let's hope they release it worldwide.

  5. Can't wait for idiotic fans to get upset if they cancel it even though they freaked the hell out over how much they hated Capcom because of the game in the first place.

  6. I don't think Xover has been cancelled, but I sure hope so

  7. People need tutorials for this thing?

    Yeah it would be a shame if it gets canceled!

  8. Dr. Jerk: Meh, pre-release materials don’t mean anything. Remember the Mega Man X character card that came with Command Mission for the ill-fated TCG?

  9. @Dr. Jerk: You don't honestly think a little thing like "overwhelmingly negative reception" is gonna stop Capcom, now, do ya? /DmC

  10. If it is cancelled, nobody will miss it.

    Maybe those re-created flash games and the poor reception is creating problems for Capcom right now.

    Either way, we need to boycott this game. And Capcom.

  11. "Don't worry people! We know how much the Mega Man brand means to you all, so we promise you that we won't cancel this game!"

    Seriously, Capcom, people hate this more than they hate the New Dante. Just let it go. We won't hate you if you cancel this one.

  12. I almost feel like putting it through could be more harmful than cancelling a third Mega Man game would be.

  13. You think Capcom will cancel this? Oh no, theres a tantalizing smell for them in this game. You know what that smell is?

    In App purchases. We all know there is a HUGE potential there, and Capcom knows it. Especially with the retarded casual fanbase the iOS has.

  14. @HyperSonicEXE: I actually wasn't aware of that TCG. But it's a good point nonetheless.

    @RADIX: No, you have a point there actually... Though with Capcom's constant belief that MM is unpopular, it still wouldn't surprise me.

  15. Rabid fans whining about how desperate they are for Xover to be cancelled never cease to amuse me, because it won't get cancelled.

  16. For a JUMP'N'SHOOT 2-button game with "AUTOPLAY" and "SKIP", I'm kind of surprised there's even a need for a tutorial.

    How stupid does CAPCOM think its customers are?

    Silly me.

  17. @Wilynumber13: Depends on the reason Capcom gave for cancelling it. And think about the implications: CoJ is so unwilling to spend its own resources on MM, even no-effort iOS games can't survive.

    @Dr. Jerk: One look at the high sales of the comic should tell them otherwise--though knowing CoJ, they'd find some un-reason to discount them.

  18. As much as a piece of garbage this game looks, I still want to at least sit down and play it in full.

    Maybe it'll be something I can just pop in during break or whatever during classes.

  19. Having worked on iOS apps, I can confirm the iOS casual fanbase is pretty stupid. You can tell when they write reviews that some of them don't even know how their own devices work. Things like:

    "This product seems cool, but I don't know how to get back to my iphone menu. 2 out of five stars for me."

    "Is there a way to turn off sounds for this? One star!"

    "This would get a lot better if it had voice overs for all the languages. 2/5"

    "No movie offer!?! ONE STAR!"

    "Every time I click on the app, it always starts from where I left off. Should have a reset button. This app is broken."

  20. @Zerker: Oh yeah, like you're any better by talking down to everyone who doesn't like the game. Or like there's no precedent for Capcom hyping up a Megaman game only to arbitrarily cancel it.

    SHUT. UP.

  21. The moment all of you start to fight each other, the moment you all lose. Seriously, get (X)Over the fact that there are people who like the game and also people who don't. As well as people who just take the opportunity to take a quick jab at this game just to bandwagon the "Capcom sucks" thing.

  22. @RADIX - Hmm, let's see...

    Maybe I might shut up once the fandom stops bashing Xover and also stops with the 'boo hoo every mega man game after legends 3 is gunna get cancelled' bullshit.

    fandumb pls

  23. @Zerker

    The latter won't stop until Capcom actually releases a game. You can't blame that one on the fans as much as you want to.

    You can only cry wolf so many times until people get sick your bullshit as it were.

  24. This game is hated by the fans, and smells like a cheap knockoff. It won't be cancelled.

  25. The chance of canceling XOver is near zero. There are two reason. First, even very lazy mass media site will criticize capcom for its hypocrisy. Second, no matter how bad this game is, its cancellation will really means the end of the series because of 25th anniversary which will happen in one month.
    I think that it will be quite a costly move if they try it.

  26. November 11, 2012 5:26 PM: I'm not bothered by the fact that people like this game; what's bothering me is those who belittle and insult people who DON'T like it. You know, kinda like what you're doing right now.

    @Zerker: At this point, it wouldn't matter if I walked up to you and screamed in your ear. You'll never get it.

  27. @RADIX: I never pointed at anybody.

  28. @Zerker

    I agree with you. Xover is a MegaMan game and I don't see why idiots like RADIX and others hate this game, I mean, it may not be good, but it's a god forsaken MegaMan game and if Capcom does cancel it, they will pin the blame on the fanbase for being ungrateful to them for the past years and probably pull the plug on the MegaMan series for good. And whose fault will it be that the MegaMan series met a sad end? That's right, the unruly and bratty side of the MegaMan fanbase for hating and outbursts.

  29. @Musashi: Well fuck you too, pal.

    You're an idiot for saying that not liking a bloody game makes you a horrible person. Seriously, my grievances with Xover are many, but I won't bitch at someone who can express that excitement for it without insulting people who don't like, because WHO GIVES A SHIT?! It's not the end of the world if someone likes something I don't.

    Xover may have "Megaman" in its title, but it's looking to be VERY poorly- and lazily-made, which is even worse in light of the much better-looking MM games that were canned. The message that Capcom is sending us is that they'll only expend their own resources on one of their perceived mascots--whose 25th anniversary is next month, by the way--if they don't have to put anything but the barest minimum of effort towards it. Can you seriously not see why people are angered by that?

    And if Xover does get cancelled, it'll be no one's fault but Capcom's, because it was THEIR decision to drop it--and as I've pointed out many times before, customer opinion means jack all to them.

    tl;dr if you're shaming people for NOT LIKING A GAME, you've got worse problems than me.

  30. Boco and Zeal, you just saved us some MAJOR time. Thanks.

    Keep us posted.

  31. @Zerker:

    "Maybe I might shut up once the fandom stops bashing Xover[...]

    People have the right to dislike this game all they want, and say whatever they please about it without having people like you turn their noses up at them over it. Why not accept the fact that not everyone is always going to be on the same page as you are?

    "and also stops with the 'boo hoo every mega man game after legends 3 is gunna get cancelled' bullshit."

    Oh, cut the crap. Not everyone who hates this game is a Legends fanatic, nor does that game being cancelled have anything to do with why so many people (including myself) happen to think Xover is garbage. I'm sure people have told you this many, many times already, but the reason this game is so largely hated is because of the fact that such little effort was put into making it.

    Also, you say that as if Mega Man Legends 3 is the only game so far that's been cancelled throughout the past year.

    @Musashi the Master:

    "I agree with you. Xover is a MegaMan game and I don't see why idiots like RADIX and others hate this game, I mean, it may not be good, but it's a god forsaken MegaMan game[...]"

    So, in other words, you feel as if everyone should automatically be compelled to like this game, and ignore any and all of its flaws, simply because it has "Mega Man" in the title? Yeah, how about no? Last time I checked, that was called being a blind fanboy.

  32. It gets like this every fucking time XOver is mentioned.

    I really should stock up on microwave popcorn.

  33. @Axem White

    I wouldn't waste my time explaining myself to those people. Like Radix said there is no way they will get it now if they still haven't. Ignore them and they will go back to their bridges.

  34. Personally, I like the concept behind X-Over. Unfortunately, it's horribly executed. I know I've said this a million times before, but I'm repeating it just in case Capcom's seeing this... which, even if they are, they probably won't do anything about. I dunno, it's still an opinion I wanna express.

    The story, the aspect of all the Mega Man series coming together, and even the new Mega Man that makes his debut in this game are all good ideas. The fact that this game of this magnitude (it's touted as celebrating the 25th anniversary) is exclusive to the iPhone, has auto-play and skip buttons, and is pretty obviously made with only the bare essentials in mind, is more than enough reason to be frustrated at it.

    Would I want this game canceled? No, but I would like it to be made with... ya know, effort. And on an actual gaming system, like a 25th anniversary game deserves.

  35. @Axem White and RADIX

    You're a bunch of ungrateful MegaMan fans who get angry every time Xover or the cancelzation of Legends 3 is mentioned, seriously, you and the out of control side of this fanbase have anger issues and maybe that is why Capcom put the blame on the fanbase in their Europe site.

    Get a reailty check and learn to accept what crap Capcom will give to you.

    Oh and RADIX, you have a potty mouth.

  36. @Musashi: I love how you didn't try to discuss or refute a single thing Axem White or I said. Tells me I shouldn't waste any more time on you.

    And oh noes, I said some dirty words because I was angry and frustrated! BOO HOO.

  37. I don't have to accept anything Crapcom spits out & I won't. Xover was seriously the best they could do to make up for canceling Universe, Legends 3 & now Online?

    No. I'm going to vote with my wallet & not purchase this. I care a lot about this character as much as everyone else but if we just "Accept" what Crapcom is doing, that's only going to make them get away with cheap tricks like this & keep making half-baked fighting games

  38. @Musashi the Master: Is it hard to understand that the cancellation of Legends 3 has nothing to do with how shitty we think this game looks? The game would still be terrible regardless, and no, we won't eat shit and be happy about it

  39. "You're a bunch of ungrateful MegaMan fans who get angry every time Xover or the cancelzation of Legends 3 is mentioned[...] Get a reailty check and learn to accept what crap Capcom will give to you."

    Oh, don't be such a hypocrite. I've seen you do the exact same thing. Honestly, I've lost count of how many times you've thrown around that "Crapcom" insult, ranted about how they're such an "evil" company, and how Nintendo and Sega are so much better.

    "[...]seriously, you and the out of control side of this fanbase have anger issues and maybe that is why Capcom put the blame on the fanbase in their Europe site."

    Actually, no. It was because they apparently expected the fans to make the game for them.

  40. "learn to accept what crap Capcom will give to you"

    Yep, this guy is a troll. "It doesn't matter how bad the game is as long as we get it, you ungrateful fanboys!" I feel like I'm on GameFAQs everytime Musashi and Zerker open their mouths.

  41. @Musashi the Master: Yes, let's go ahead and accept this horribly made game like we'll accept a horrible flesh eating virus. Sounds great! Idiot.

  42. @ Axem White - Majority of the people hating Xover whined when MML3 was cancelled. Also I am fully aware of the fact Rockman Online and Mega Man Universe existed and were cancelled (though I honestly forgot RMO even existed ha).

    And how can one hate Xover? Have you even seen OVER-1? He is adorbs imo.

  43. @Zerker: "Whined"? Just how much lower does CoJ have to sink before you won't consider it "whining"?

    I like Luka/OVER-1 (his design, mostly; he's sadly not much of a character by MM standards); I just wish he debuted in a game with more care visibly put into it. And I have a bad feeling that Xover will be the only game he appears in, too. If so, what a waste.

  44. @Zerker: OVER-1 is about the only compliment I can give to Rockman Xover. While I don't dig the boa thingy, I think he's got a cool design, and his armor styles are awesome. It's just a pity that his spritework is lousy and his debut is in a game that just looks plain dull and unfun.

  45. So suddenly Xover is a good game just because Over-1 is adorable?

    That's like me saying that Rush Marine is a good game just because I find Rush adorable. Maybe not the best example, but whatever.

    Point is, adorableness or cool designs or whatever do not make a game. A character's personality and story can HELP move along a game, but the root of any game should focus on its gameplay. This is especially true of games from old, where their graphics and artwork were not that very impressive, and the main focus to them was the gameplay. And from what we have seen from Xover, its gameplay content is more or less crap.

    I don't care if Over-1 is cool looking or downright hideous, I care about the gameplay, and there is none of that.

  46. @ Dr. Jerk - Did I even say anything about how the game is instantly good because of OVER-1's adorableness?

    No, I was pointing out a single fact that he is adorable and that is all that matters.

  47. So now you're saying that the only thing that matters is that fact that Over-1 is adorable, and that everything else can be forgotten about.

    That's more or less the same thing you said as before. To quote you, "And how can one hate Xover? Have you even seen OVER-1? He is adorbs imo." That makes it seem like Over-1's design forgives and makes up for every flaw in Xover.

    No it does not. And not just Xover, but any other game that relies on designs to make up for everything else.

  48. @Dr. Jerk:

    And apparently, Sephiroth is a little injured bird who just needs a big hug, according to the fanboys.

    People will justify and defend anything, as long as it has "awesome character designs" or even just ONE "good design", completely disregarding ALL other aspects of the offending product.

    Now when the fuck is this shitty game coming out, so we can get it over with? I'd rather it be out sooner so I can just deal with the painful experience more quickly and move on with my life.


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