Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Would You Buy These Mega Man Legends Fan-Figures?

Over the last year, brothers Score and Owl have produced a trio of incredible Mega Man Legends figures: Mega Man Volnutt, Teisel Bonne and Bon Bonne. They've made a handful of accessories and trinkets too, but the action figures is where it's truly at! And today, the brothers are eying the producing of two all-new figures.

A quick peak at Owl's Facebook page reveals two potential figures: a Servbot and Arukoitan, a breed of Reaverbot native to Kattelox Island. "Potential" is the key word here because Owl's going to need your feedback. If there's enough interest, we'll see these two sculpts made into actual figures. Simply drop a comment in this post here, and we'll see what the future holds!

For more information and pictures, you can head on down to the official Score Owl Productions Facebook page here.

Good luck, boys!


  1. The Arukoitan one is incredible. There really ought to be more Reaverbot fan figures.

  2. His figures are great. Better than that only if they had accessories! :P

    Mega - 1 or 2 Special Weapons.

    Teisel - Books and IOU receipt.

    Bon - Head separates from body and attaches with other parts.

    Servbot - Curry Rice!

  3. Agreed. Even among Capcom goods, stuff with the Servbot imagery is fairly easy to come by. Reaverbots? Not so much. I'd love to have an Arukoitan (whether or not I can spend the money on another custom figure, that's another question...)

  4. Yes. Without question.

    Yes a million times over.

  5. I would but they don't ship to my country.

  6. I would buy them ... as soon as he sends me the figure I ordered back in September.

  7. @Anonymous November 26, 2012 5:22PM

    I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!!! THEY TAKE FOREVER!!!!! I mean I understand that its a hand made figure, all scratched built, but they say it takes like a month to finish but NOPE!!! More like half a year as it seems!!!!! I LOVE theyre creations, I REALLY DO!!! But they take FOREVER!!!!!!

  8. Yeah, the listing in the eCrater store said up to 60 days, but I've definitely passed the 90-day mark.

  9. I'm Owl, the other half of the Score Owl productions. The Arukoitan was actually my first figure sculpt, he's been sitting half finished on my shelf for over a year. because of his size I most likely wont be finishing it anytime soon. On the other hand the servbots are mostly finished, but I'm not fully satisfied with their quality, so they're still just prototypes. I also have to decide on what to make to go with them (curry rice is now on the list)
    Its true Score has fallen behind on Volnutt and Teisel orders. But these pictures are of my work. And if I do ever finalize these figures for production, I plan to sell them in "pre-made" batches, so the waiting wont be an issue.
    I'm sorry to anyone who has had to wait more than a month, I know there are people who have been waiting more than 6 months, we really appreciate your patience. Score is doing his best to catch up, sadly I cant help him because we live in different states and I dont have any of his sculpts. Just know that if you ordered a figure you will be getting one. Score is also adding bonus items for the people who have had to wait too long.

    1. I have been waiting over a year for my order, and haven't received one response to any of my inquiries as to the status of my order.


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